Toddler Observation Research Paper Essay

The male kid W was observed four times. over the class of two hebdomads. numbering four hours. He was placed in a schoolroom designated for 2-year-olds along with about 12 other kids. staffed by two full-time instructors. and a parttime instructor. The schoolroom was a really loud. and over decorated environment. Not merely were the walls wholly covered with postings and images. but there were art undertakings hanging from the ceiling every bit good.

The schoolroom was divided into specific countries for drama. feeding. and narrative clip ; nevertheless. there was non adequate room for the kids to freely run about. The kids spent clip outside on the resort area in the backyard that had picnic tabular arraies. plaything houses. trucks. autos. swings. and many other playthings. The 2-year-olds shared their out-of-door clip with babies that were pushed around in a big saunterer. When the kids were brought outside there were a sum of 4 instructors outside oversing them. Cognitive/Language

The kid W was able to efficaciously endorse up the plaything auto he was driving after going stuck. He performed this undertaking multiple times. He besides often engaged in pretend drama with the other kids. such as driving a racecar and bike. seafaring in a boat. and cooking in a plaything kitchen.

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Throughout the observation. the kid W spent a great sum of clip watching the other kids play. and learned through his equals what non to make. For illustration. when another kid fell off the top of a tabular array. the kid W instantly got down and was ne’er observed standing on top of a tabular array once more. The kid besides showed a broad scope of vocabulary throughout the observation.

He was able to organize simple sentences. such as “Sit down or fall down” when one of his playfellows was standing on top of a tabular array. and “No. halt that” when a playfellow tried forcing him about in the plaything auto. The kid W besides used simple descriptive words like “really truly loud. ” when a bike passed by and when a plane flew overheard.

He made many sounds associating to the plaything he played with or actions he was doing. such as “vroom” and “beep” when driving a auto. and “swish” when running. The kid W was besides ascertained mimicking noises and words the instructors would state. such as “playground. ” “change nappy. ” and “be quiet. ” Physical/Movement

The bulk of the physical motion observed falls into the class of gross motor accomplishments. On the outside resort area. the kid W was systematically observed forcing and drawing playthings. During each observation he was seen siting motorcycles and autos. forcing a plaything lawnmower. every bit good as rolled illumination autos and trucks on the land. When he was siting the motorcycle and auto. he used either his pess or the pedals to impel himself frontward and backwards. One clip. the kid W and another kid were ascertained jumping in and out of the doorcase of the plaything house for several proceedingss.

They so climbed out of the window. with the kid W taking the manner. When traveling around the resort area. the kid W was observed largely running from one activity to the following. However. when he was indoors. he was normally observed walking. During an inside deferral. the kid W spent a batch of clip playing with a plaything camera. feigning to take images. and stating “cheese. ” He besides spent several proceedingss easy and carefully siting a trike around the margin of the big rectangular rug. doing at least 3 full laps.

Since the bulk of the observation clip was spent on the resort area. this perceiver did non hold many chances to detect the child’s all right motor accomplishments. However. when presented with associating blocks during a category activity. the kid W was observed holding trouble linking the plaything together and asked for aid. When asked to set on his sweatshirt. the kid could non acquire his caput through the hole. and asked for aid once more. Social/Emotional

As antecedently indicated. the kid W was observed seeking aid from his instructors many times. During each observation. the kid W asked a instructor to force him on the swings. to pick him up and keep him. and to sit on her lap during narrative clip. When foremost introduced to this perceiver. the kid W casually walked over and began speaking. demoing no vacillation.

When on the resort area. he was frequently ascertained watching the other kids play. He would walk over to see what another kid was playing with. and so walk off to play by himself once more. Not merely would the kid W carefully watch his equals. but he besides showed compassion for them when another kid was hurt. When a kid fell off a swing. the kid W sat down following to her. said “It’s O.K. . ” and so pointed to his articulatio genus stating “ouch” merely like his injured playfellow.

The kid W was observed acquiring along nicely with the other kids the bulk of the clip. However. there were a few times during one observation that he showed more aggressive behaviour. For illustration. when another kid started to force the kid W from behind on a trike. he turned about and hit the other child’s manus shouting. “Stop! ” He did this several times until the other kid walked off. On that same twenty-four hours. the kid W was observed forcing another kid onto the land inside the schoolroom. Decision

Measuring the kid W’s cognitive accomplishments. this perceiver noticed that he engaged in pretend drama. utilizing simple actions like feigning to drive a auto or cook in the kitchen. The kid W could work out simple jobs. such as endorsing up his motorcycle after hitting a wall ; he would besides copy his instructors. like feigning to place the doorstopper to forestall the door from shutting.

This perceiver can non accurately assess the kid W’s ability to happen concealed objects. and sort objects into classs. because the kid was non ascertained executing these undertakings. Along with the kid W’s cognitive accomplishments. this perceiver believes that his linguistic communication accomplishments were developing typically every bit good. The kid used a turning figure of words and was able to set some words together doing short phrases. He paid attending to and participated in conversations with his equals and instructors.

The kid W showed typical development in his gross motor accomplishments. but seemed to be missing in his all right motor accomplishments. The kid was observed walking. running. jumping. hopping. and forcing siting playthings with his pess.

The kid W performed at a three- or four-year-old’s degree when pedaling and maneuvering a plaything auto ( Berk. 2008 ) . However. when it came to more all right motor accomplishments and self-help activities. such as seting on his jacket or linking blocks together. the kid W struggled. Last. when measuring the child’s societal and emotional accomplishments. this perceiver believes that the kid is developing as expected in the countries of seeking support of familiar grownups. observation and playing briefly with other kids. and demoing consciousness of other children’s feelings.

The kid besides demonstrated self-denial when other kids tried to take a plaything from him. However. this observer believes the kid W relies excessively to a great extent on instructors for aid when seeking new things and demands to develop a healthy caution toward unfamiliar grownups. Overall. in the sentiment of this perceiver. the kid W was developing as expected for a typical two-year-old.


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