Today anyone to give it to them,

Today I’ll be speaking about predicting our own future by inventing it. But first of all, what does it even mean? Does it mean that we have to indefinitely have an impact on the globe as Bill Gates had? Not really, It’s actually for improving our life qualities, having a clear state of mind and a goal in mind that we want to achieve in the future. We all have the opportunity to design our own future. what will that future be? What do we crave the most? If we don’t work for that dream, what will we get as a substitute? Yes, it will obviously take lots of time and effort. It won’t always be fun. But what exactly do we want out of our life?

In my opinion, we should start working on our dream goals while we’re still young and have the more free time or just try to adjust and change our future character attributes like for example trying to be a more positive person.

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Overall, do we know what our future holds? By that, I don’t mean politics or world events or something like that. I’m talking about your future. How is your future going to look like in 10 or 20 years. Do u actually think about it in everyday life or are u busy doing everything else and u don’t really have the time to invest in working towards your future

For example every day we wake up with the ability to design and work towards our future goals. But what are we exactly doing on a day-to-day basis on achieving that goal? By that, i don’t mean by going to school or something like that.

Actually, if we think about there are lots of people out there that wish things were different they dream of a better life and believe or hope that one day their life will get better and they’ll be able to achieve their dream. And then there are a whole other people who’re making it happen and working hard towards their dream they don’t really hope for a better future. They find out what they really want in life and give their absolute best to achieve it. They don’t wait for anyone to give it to them, they don’t make any excuses either. For sure some people might indeed be really lucky and get like a fortune handed to them for being really lucky. But have you actually heard of any successful people who have gotten where they are just by maintaining their hope that one-day things would get better for them and they’ll get rich? Yea me neither.

As the renowned American president, Abraham Lincoln  famously said, “The best way to predict the future is to create it.” From that quote, we can conclude that we are all inventors of our own future. And creativity is at the heart of invention.

In conclusion, are we wishing for things to get better or we do we pull ourselves together and start working towards achieving our future goals? Successful people don’t hope for things to get better. They decide to take charge of their own lives and commit and act. They create their own future



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