To tolls from strategic and human resource

To conclude this report, strategic and human resource management is vital for the future growth of Catapult. With the support of strategic management, the managers of Catapult will be able to make wise decisions using the strategic management process. Catapult’s core competency, which is operating purely in New Zealand can be capitalised with the assistance of strategic management by analysing using the tools such as Porter’s 5 Forces Analysis, and the SWOT Analysis. With data obtained from the analysis tools, Catapult will be able to make the required changes for the development of Catapult.


On the other hand, all business growth must have the support of its employees. The human resource of Catapult needs to ensure that the growth of its employees is also on hand with the organisation’s growth. This is because employees are what helps an organisation function. Thus, to ensure the development of an effective workforce, Sarah Westerly can apply the 3 stages of HR process to solve staffing issues that are occurring in Catapult. The needs of employees should also be fulfilled to increase the productivity and engagement of employees. In the near future, if Catapult utilises all the tolls from strategic and human resource management, it is highly probable that Catapult will manage to regain their market share and form a sustainable competitive advantage.

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