To Have Different Tongues Essay

            According to website Article Click, the community is at a globalizing stage. It became quite advisable to learn another language. There are a lot who assume that learning another language is a fad that would lose its glamour in a few years time. Just like how many careers are ventured into, and slowly became a part of history, learning another language is being perceived in a very similar manner. This is not only a fault, but also an evidence of being close minded. It affirms a great aspect of a person’s attitude towards the moving times.

            With this, it is important to set aside your prejudices and biases and let certain facts about learning a second language. When one opens their minds, they likewise open far greater opportunities for themselves. Being adept of another language does even better. By learning another language, one enables himself to challenge himself. Second, it broadens opportunities to socialize with other people. Finally, a person capable of another language other than his mother tongue breaks barriers.

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            Learning another language is not an easy task. What one learns from formal education are not always retained. All the terminologies that were asked to be memorized and understood will one day be forgotten. However, in relation to language, it is important to use it regularly and fluently for decent conversations and respect for other cultures.

            If learning terminologies are quite a challenge in itself, learning another language may be a greater problem. It is practically memorizing an entire dictionary. But that is looking at it negatively. If one is able to surpass the difficult levels of formal education, then why not face another challenge as being equipped with another language? This is not to have the bragging rights of being bilingual. It is a point of convincing yourself that you can do anything that you have your mind into. According to E-LifeLearn, it can become a very rewarding and fun.

            By learning another language, one is enabled to broaden their opportunities to socialize with other people. Since there are more means of communicating with another person, being able to converse with other people is definitely a means of getting to know more lives. By knowing more lives, one is able to broaden their perspectives about a lot of things. A simple conversation can cover a lot of ground. Cognitive skills are also improved.

            Being bilingual allows a person to converse with individuals of either language. Perhaps English with most of the people in the United States, and Spanish as with many of its immigrants. It is not just a point of being to communicate with them, but also a means of growing from there. According to Vista Wide, not everyone knows English. About 14% of children, as stated by American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, know and practice a second language in their homes.

            With another language, one literally breaks barriers. Language is indeed a barrier between different cultures. Words may be directly translated but the context and true meaning of the words may have even the opposite effect. As mentioned, human beings are in a globalizing arena. It is important to be able to surpass borders through appropriate communication. Language is a medium in itself.

            When barriers are broken, a global culture is made possible. It is an inevitable movement of the people towards the future to put down their walls and establish relationships with other people. However, by knowing another language, one that will along that wall, the journey would be most worthwhile and full of different experiences. If given the opportunity to grow with other people, it would have been a waste to let that opportunity pass.

On the other hand, there could be one objection. Even in the age of globalization, not every individual is equipped to learn another language. It could be a sure benefit for some, but others might not be able to grasp the language well enough to carry out a decent conversation. But learning is not just about grasping the language. It is about being willing to grow and grab opportunities to hasten that goal. Learning another language allows personal and interpersonal growth. More importantly, it paves the way for breaking barriers. To have different tongues is truly more beneficial than what others assume of it.


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