To bigger picture which is providing society

            To start
off, the whole purpose of social responsibility are for individuals in an
organization to work together to find the best suitable action that is in the
best interest of society. However, throughout the article Friedman explain that
businesses view social responsibility as a way for them to generate a profit. In
continuation, individuals have social responsibilities as they have the
conscience to act upon right action and avoid wrong doing. In the article, Friedman
states “what does it mean to say that ‘business’ has responsibilities? Only
people can have responsibilities. A corporation is an artificial person and in
this sense may have artificial responsibilities, but ‘business’ as a whole
cannot be said to have responsibilities, even in this vague sense” (Friedman,
121). Through this quote, Friedman proves his point when he said “‘business’ as
a whole cannot be said to have responsibilities” as they only thing business
know is how to do is generate a profit. Therefore, social responsibility cannot
be displayed through a business, but only through individuals.


            However, on
the other hand the videos argue that large corporations are to be blamed for
everything as they are controlling society. In continuation, they go on to
explain that if we do not put a stop to it- it will result in these businesses destroying
our society even more in the near future. During the video, they state, that
greenhouse gases have grown tremendously over the last decade as they need to put
a stop to it. Furthermore, they go on to state that these companies need to
have alternative solutions to reduce the amount greenhouse gases emitted into
our word. Some alternative solutions are solar panels and wind turbines. Furthermore,
businesses should start looking at the bigger picture which is providing society
with the best suitable action. If organizations fail to fix the problem it will
result in all of humanity having to pay for these businesses mistakes. To
conclude, organization should eliminate the idea that social responsibility is
all about making a profit, but as a responsibility to make our community a
better place.

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reading Friedman’s article and viewing both videos, I feel that they are both
right in some certain categories. To start off, I absolutely agree with what Friedman
said when he stated that the only responsibility that businesses have is to
generate a profit. Since the only purpose of a business to become successful,
it is most likely they would put themselves first and society second. On the
other hand, I agree with the video when they explain that these larger
businesses are controlling society and how they need to be stop before any more
serious issues begin to occur. I feel that there are quite a few of solutions that
could be done to prevent these problems from ever happening once again. For
example, the government should implement a law that prevents any organizations
from damaging our world even more. For example, reduce the amount of pollution
these factories produce to our world. To end off, both Friedman and the videos
provide compelling points on how organizations view social responsibility.


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