To because there are still many people

To avoid many unwanted consequences caused by air
pollution, it is necessary to suggest and make attempt to improve the quality
of the air pollution. In recent years, there are some measures has been carried
out by government to deal with air pollution issues. Firstly, the need of
constructing some plans to encourage everyone in using the public
transportation system. Because it play an important role in reducing the large
number of exhausted fumes from private means. For instance, building the
underground transport system, overhead transport system, bus network,
cross-over bridges, sky-train and so on to prevent traffic jams. At the same
time, using clean, renewable sourses, electric transportations, for
example,  instead of dependance on fossil
fuels for public vehicles is also a good solution.

Secondly, it is necessary to raise community awareness
and so as to create changes in taking part in environmental protection through
energy saving programs, public transport usage, no waste burning and so on.
People need to be aware of their social responsibilities to the environment in
which they breathe daily to survive. Besides, industrial businesses alse need
to be clear aware of their own mission in recycling waste, and avoiding
unintended consequences on the environment in general, and air quality in
particular. However, it is not easy to implement in short time because there
are still many people who are selfish and ignore the huge consequences of air
pollution. Therefore, all of people need to understand about correlation among
nature, man, and society.

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Finally, buiding environmentally friendly cities is
also very essential. According to General Secretary of the Association of
Cities of Vietnam Vu Thi Vinh says development of green city is a good solution
to reduce the stuffy atmosphere and protecting lakes trees is absolute
necessary, in addition to sound transport planning. Because trees have many big
efectiveness in creating oxigen. Tree transpiration and tree canopies affect
air temperature, radiation absorption and heat storage, wind speed, relative
humidity, turbulence, surface albedo, surface roughness and consequently the
evolution of the mixing-layer height. These changes in local meteorology can
alter pollution concentrations in urban areas (Nowak,
D.J., McHale P.J., Ibarra, M., Crane, D., Stevens, J., and Luley, C. 1998). Trees
remove gaseous air pollution primarily by uptake via leaf stomata, though some
gases are removed by the plant surface (Smith,W.H. 1990). Therefore,
creating  “green” cities is one of the
most urgent things that need to be done. 


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