Tips to Write An Excellent Resume Essay

Being the summary of your education, training, experiences and achievements, your resume is one of the most important documents that admissions committees look into. And to impress the committees at a glance, your resume should be exceptional and should make you stand out among other applicants. So, follow the suggestions below to write an excellent resume.

1 – Make your resume short but straight to the point

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Admissions committees have to read hundreds of other resumes, application forms, personal statements and recommendation letters. Help the readers of your resume to go through yours in a minute. To do that, highlight the most important information by using bold letters and bullet points. Avoid long explanations and keep your resume to a maximum of two pages. Don’t worry about missing details because they can be explained during your interviews.

2 – Write, edit, and get advice

Spare time to carefully plan the contents of your resume. Write all relevant information and avoid exaggeration and fabrication. Be confident and honest but not boastful. Avoid repeating words and phrases and check your grammar, syntax and spelling.

After writing, take a break and edit your resume. Read and reread if you must. Also, ask your friends, colleagues, or guardians to critique your resume. Then, edit the contents again until your resume is perfect.

3 – Complement your resume with a personal statement

Information like how you persevered in challenges or how you overcame your weaknesses are not explained in resumes. So to tell the admissions committees about who and how you are apart from your achievements, explain yourself in your personal statement. Writing one requires a lot of planning, thinking and outlining, so make sure to read some examples of personal statements.

A sample essay about myself can show you how to write essays that stand out. Various essays with the theme “sample essay about myself” are available online, so, check out two or three as guides. In addition, remember to write a personal essay that is unique and honest to get the approval of admissions committees.



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