Throughout no effects of high school education

Throughout the years of basic curriculums high schools kids are taught math science English history and mostly likely A foreign language and or an art class for all four years throughout high school just newer versions of them this items are based and supposedly put into create a bases for the rest of our lives. There is almost no evidence on the effects of high school curriculum providing helpfulness with college and success in the labor force. the large differences in schooling  across US shows no effects of high school education shows effects on wages and positions of work. The main idea is that the return to more school courses something very few people should consider. It can’t be seen the value of a year of high school has on a students job later in life.Students lead with barnium work just trying hard enough to get by, but usually don’t remember all that’s taught. it’s pointless to not let the students pick their future.Teachers give us information we have to memorize and show what we know on tests then what?  That is the whole idea of the schooling systems in American. Rarely do we do any simulations elaborate projects that have more than a powerpoint slide show. Creating more detailed projects or anything like that could help us succeed in the real world.Teachers are not to blame. We have to perform well on Standardized Tests or their jobs can be affected. When trying to take steps to help the future of our students.TEachers don’t have the power to change what we learn they have to teach it they can create new and innovative ways to teach us the same old thing .  The exams, are a waste of time and serve no purpose to those who would rather learn more effective life skills. hhMany of the problems with our education system do not only apply to the state tests. It has to do with tests in general. For example, tests test how good memorization is some teachers say they create test where you need to show how things relate but still it’s all about memorizing those items and explaining how they work. Those are the only things we have learned so far from tests.This topic relates to the book because of the way brutus wanted the fickle people of the town to lead their own lives and not elect a leader who wouldn’t be good for the general public. In the book brutus says ” Not that i loved caesar less, but that i love rome more. Had you rather caesar living and die slaves , than that caesar were dead and we all live freemen.”


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