Thomas Malthus Essay

            In speaking of population and resources, it has been mentioned by Malthus that there is a disparity with regard to the production of resources and that of population. The arguments of Malthus are outlined in “An Essay on the Principle of Population” published in 1817. The main contention outlined in the said published work is that “though the produce of the earth would be increasing every year, population would have the power of increasing much faster, and this superior power must necessarily be checked by the periodical or constant action of moral restraint, vice, or misery” (Malthus, 1817, p. 220-1).

            Placed in more simple terms, it is being argued by Malthus, at that particular time and context that the production of resources will not be able to keep up with growth in terms of population. This will happen if the population would constantly rise in the rate that it has today and will not be controlled through the three factors of “moral restraint, vice, or misery” (Malthus, 1817, p. 220-1).

            However, the predictions of Malthus has only proven that the society has matured towards a period where the people are able to address the problems that they are about to face. The arguments of Malthus clearly serves as the warning for people and the stepping stone through which they are able to innovate towards producing more out of the finite sources that are made available in this planet. Just the same as environmentalists nowadays are able to make predictions that serve as warning for the people that leads them to have a picture of what will happen in the future and take the necessary steps towards making their lives easier. For example, research with regard to the maximization of the limited resources to fully compensate for the needs of the people are being conducted and are successful in such.

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Malthus, T. (1817). An essay on the principle of population. (5th ed.). John Murray: Albemarle-Street.



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