This the Lloyds bank will control the

This is an integrated
user-machine system for providing information to
support operations, management and decision making functions in an
organization. The system utilizes computerized and manual
procedures; models for analysis, planning, control and decision making; and a


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The key responsible of ISM is the implementation of technology,
directing the work of systems and business analysts, developers, support
specialists and other computer-related workers.

The ISM is a methodological expertise, attached with an
understanding of business and management principles and the complexity of its
information systems, but standard responsibilities are likely to include, which
will evaluate the user needs and system functionality and ensuring that ICT
facilities meet these needs, furthermore the planning, developing and
implementing the ICT budget and obtaining competitive prices from suppliers to
ensure cost effectiveness. However scheduling upgrades and security backups of
hardware and software systems, where researching and installing new systems,
with guaranteeing the smooth running of all ICT systems, including anti-virus
software, print services and email provision.

The users adhere to software licensing laws, and
provides secure access to the network for remote users, while securing data from
internal and external attack, offering users appropriate support and advice,
and finally keeping up to date with the latest technologies.

Lloyds bank   re-engineering entails re-designing, the way
the work is done to meet the organisation’s goals and reduce costs. Lloyds go
through this process, and it may well look like change of management. You will
need an understanding of the capabilities and constraints of technology and
resource implications in terms of budgets, as well as the training and
recruitment of specialist staff.




The significance for the Lloyds bank will control
the relationships with their customers, which has been the drive of the joint
projects. The development with Kognitio supports Lloyds with data mining.
Lloyds advocated that they have gained more competitive advantage due to the
use of that data mining technology from Kognitio. It was found that the bank
fully understand the technology is the best possible way. They are using most popular
and easily accessible channels for communicate with customer. This reports
finding says that Lloyds Banking Group, is fully using the technology by
Reynolds (2002)

From the above findings it can be stated that large
number of customers are associated with the bank for longer period. According
to customer survey 32% of customers are doing business with Lloyds from 1 – 3
years and that is the highest percentage. And 29% and 15.5% customers are
associated with Lloyds from 3-6 years and more than 6 years accordingly.


 This report will recommend to Lloyds Banking Group to provide
CRM on ‘Facebook’ platform to allow Lloyds to communicate with customers on the
social networking site which is a new trend in digital banking . Its will be
used to capable customers to track orders, which will also include submit queries.

Lloyds Banking Group should
implement reward program, but the Sophisticated and current reward programs are
inspirational to easy customer acquisition and customer retention. It will
allow customers to earn points every swipes his or her debit card. Credit card
reward program has become old idea. Reward program on debit card is a new
concept. In this program, the more point’s customers collect the more reward
customers earn like credit card reward program. Through this reward program
customer will get reward points for every transaction through Lloyd’s alternate
banking channels. Customer will allow paying bills, placing a term deposit,
recharging prepaid mobile and transferring funds through any Lloyd’s
alternative banking channels

Lloyds Banking Group should
implement Mobile Customer Relationship Management. It is CRM but anywhere, any
time and on mobile gadget. In 21st century Mobile CRM becoming important
because of business idea essential to meet up the customer’s requirements, has
become a gradually more important strategy and technology for Customer
Relationship Management execution. It will sustain improvements in sales
efficacy or even support sales position. Mobile CRM will grip customer
intelligence provision or customer intelligence gathering. It will also develop
customer value and customer contact.




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