This student’s experience of internalization. In the

This is a summary of a journal article ‘The Internationalisation of
Higher Education Whitepaper’ by Elizabeth Rider-Grant which was published XXX. This
report was written for a certain group of people such as professionals,
administrators and academics. This article is supposed to help them understand
how institutions deal with   internationalisation, and what consequences it
can have for the employees.


To make things clearer the author decided to use a specific structure
for her report. It is divided into sections that talk about various roles that
are related to internationalisation. In every part, there are examples provided
by workers from different UK universities. In addition, the report contains a
graduate student’s experience of internalization. In the document, one can also
find a report coming from a senior academic at a University in India.

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The first section of the article starts with the description of the role
of higher education. The writer notes that   internationalisations
raises questions about the aims of higher education and they need attentive
review. Elizabeth Rider-Grant concludes that institutional view plays a big
role as it helps to meditate about our own values and beliefs about higher


Then the author suggests that it would be better if all universities had
the same infrastructure with identical departments and job specifications, however
such simple model model cannot reflect specific characteristics of particular
institutions as they have different departments in charge of the same areas.


Different institutions and organization may have different purposes, but
there is always a particular emphasis on the personnel. Programs within higher
education should be internationally competitive and the curriculum needs to be
structured according to international educational standards. Method of teaching
has to understand the increasing need for student mobility. It has to stop
being so euro-centric.


What is more,  the writer observes about the  new  terms ‘transnational’ and ‘cross-border’  which are often used in relation to  the internationalising  university and lead to the creation of new
professional roles and a raft of new course design initiatives for faculty.


Then the writer makes examples of case studies from different UK universities
such as University of Cumbria,University of Wolverhampton, Coventry University,
Barmingham City University,University of Nottingham, the University of South
Wales and BBP University, UCL and an Indian university called Aligarh  Muslim University.


The author argues that Internationalisation is now an indispensable part
of higher education. Transnational education, international student
recruitment, international student support, the internationalisation of home
students are important. Each of these areas is now well-researched. It is also
important to stress however, that all these components of internationalisation
are linked to each other. The internationalisation of the curriculum is
important in course design for home and international students and for TNE
students. Internationalisation will improve the human well-being within higher



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