There with the abuse of every drug.

are social implications that come along with the abuse of every drug. Using
drugs for medicinal purposes is accepted by society as a whole but the abuse of
drugs is not accepted. It is also true that there are different implications
for the abuse of different drugs. My focus will be on the social implications
of three drugs: Heroin, Alcohol and Tobacco.



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Smoking is less socially acceptable now than ever. There was a
time when smoking was considered a normal act to do but with the passage of
time after the publishing of articles relating the link between different types
of diseases and cancers, the acceptability of smoking and tobacco use in general
has vastly decreased. Today, almost all
workplaces have some type of smoking rules. Some employers even prefer to hire
non-smokers. Friends may ask you not to smoke in their homes or cars.
Public buildings, concerts, and even sporting events are largely smoke-free.
And more and more communities are restricting smoking in all public places.

Usage of tobacco can worsen your appearance by yellowing your
skin and darkening your teeth, it also makes you smell like smoke, none of
which is appreciated by people. Tobacco can also cause a person to develop a
cough and cause bad breath, which may make people to avoid the smoker. People
who smoke may find in general that others aren’t very excited to be around
them, especially when they are smoking. Among children, low academic
achievement is associated with smoking. Several studies have found that middle
and high school students who smoked had lower grades than those who did not
smoke. It may be harder to make a good impression when smokers look for a job
because of the stains on their body and the smell of cigarette smoke. This is
especially true for jobs where the person is going to be interacting with the
public or representing a company.



The damaging effects of alcohol abuse are not limited to the
person who drinks or to those closest to them. Alcohol abuse is linked to many
social ills. The social implications related to the use of alcohol are more severe
in comparison to tobacco use. The use of alcohol is associated with an
increased risk of injuries and accidents. Even a single episode of excessive
drinking can lead to a negative outcome. Drunken driving accidents can cause
accidents which can result in innocent bystanders losing their lives as
reaction time is decreased after alcohol use.

 Intoxicated people can
also tend to assault others and increased abuse of alcohol can also lead to
death. Alcohol use can also have academic consequences including missing class
or doing poorly on exams or papers. WHO says that other than economic
consequences, money spent on alcohol can cause a heavy drinker to fall into
poverty as well. The reasons include: lowered wages, lost employment
opportunities, and decreased eligibility for loans. Numerous marriages have
been destroyed by alcohol, both emotionally and financially. Children of
alcoholics are emotionally fractured by alcoholic parents and often have
deep-seated psychological and emotional problems due to growing up with an
addicted parent.

Overall, abuse of alcohol leads to very severe social
implications in which the family of the abuser is in the most risk of harm and damage
but along with this, innocent members of society are also put in risk due to
the irrational behaviour of the abuser.




Heroin is the least socially accepted substance within this
list of drugs.  Heroin is an illegal drug
synthesized from opiate precursor substances that are harvested from the opium
poppy plant. Heroin can cause a number of problems in your closest social
circles. Some of these problems may include:

Broken marriages.

Lost friendships.

Destruction of the family unit.

And Domestic violence.

With heroin’s ability to cause mood changes and elicit
dangerous behaviour, you run the risk of emotionally and physically hurting
those who are closest to you. Many individuals struggling with heroin
addiction soon find themselves contending with dire financial situations. These
problems not only affect heroin users, themselves, but also the lives of their
loved ones who depend on the support of the same financial resources. When
someone is addicted to heroin, it destroys relationships and can lead to
divorces and neglected and abandoned children. Someone on heroin tends to be
unable to maintain honest relationships with the people around them, and they
can exhibit unpredictable or dangerous behaviour that can negatively affect
relationships and families.

Heroin can also negatively impact society, as a whole.
People who are addicted very often turn to crime as a means of paying for their
addiction. This can involve stealing or fraud to obtain money to buy heroin to
satisfy their addiction. Heroin itself might not directly make people more
violent, however it does indirectly lead to crime and violence, and it can worsen
underlying mental illnesses and conditions which may lead to violent behaviour.


Heroin abuse is a very severe problem in any society and
hinders the rate of development in any area. The social implications that come
with heroin abuse are also very huge as mental function is clouded and the sate
of intoxication lasts for a longer period as compared to other drugs so there
is an increased chance for violence or other crime related activities.


In short, each drug comes with its on individual social implication
and even these can vary among different cultures or regions depending on their
acceptance of activities, however abuse of illegal drugs such as heroin  not only hurts the abuser but also the people
around them having drastic negative social consequences. It can also be seen
that with the passage of time, the acceptance rate of the previously normally
used substances like tobacco is decreasing after scientific researches showing
evidence of the negative effects of these substances.  


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