There son Jerry begin to have seizures


There are many organizations around New York City that deal with health issues affecting families. One of the local organizations in my community is AHRC New York City, which was established in the year 1948 around the time of World War II. The mission of AHRC New York City is to seeking ways for people with intellectual issues and other developmental disabilities to create full lives as defined by each person. Since family governs the organization, committed families, staff, and community partners will support the individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities.

AHRC New York City touches the lives of over 15,000 individuals with special needs each year, all around the five boroughs. This organization has created the first schools, workshops, day treatment programs, community residences and other service that personalized to meet their specific needs. The AHRC New York City is one of the largest non-profit organizations in New York. The organization is administrated by a Board of Director, two-thirds who have to be related to a person with developmental disabilities and who are willing to work together with staff of devoted professionals. Members are dedicated to promote a culture that embraces passion, respect, integrity, diversity and excellence.

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The Founder of AHRC New York City is Anne Greenberg; in 1943 Anne’s son Jerry begin to have seizures at just a couple of months old, which delayed in his development. While Anne’s husband was away at War, she looked for help from different doctors, hospitals, and community group to help her son. She started thinking about what type of future children like her son would have. When she realized that their wasn’t any organization who that helped disabled children she decided to write an ad in the paper for mothers who were interested in helping to open up a day nursery for disabled children. Mothers started calling Anne and her group of mothers started to group which lead to the creation of AHRC.

The current President of AHRC New York City is Angelo Aponte. There are over 100 locations throughout the five boroughs of New York City. The headquarters is located at 83 Maiden Lane, New York, NY, 10038. One of the offices in the Bronx is at 2488 Grand Concourse Room 337, Bronx, NY, 10458. The office phone number is 718-367-3691 and thee webpage address is

The webpage is very well organized and is very detailed. It is divided in to sections like services, get involved, new & events, about, locations, and contact. Once selecting each category is broken down every more making it easier to find current information. They even put videos on the website to get a better understanding of what the organization does. They also have a lot of pictures of some of the individuals they help. I honestly didn’t know about this organization until this day. I learned that this was the first organization to help children with developmental disabilities. The information provided from this webpage is helpful for my future knowledge. Incase of any future encounters with families who have a family member with a intellectual issues or other developmental disabilities, I can mention AHRC New York City to them and provide the opportunities they can get from the organization.

Another local organization in the Bronx is Bronx Works, this organization helps individuals and families improve their financial and social well-being. They provide help from toddlers to senior citizens. They even offer food, shelter, and education and encourage our neighborhood to becoming a stronger community. They believe that people are to be treated with dignity and respect regardless of their present situation and past experience. Bronx Works was first established in district 5 in 1972, under the name Citizens Advice Bureau also known as CAB. Later in 2009, was changed to Bronx Works. In the past year Bronx Work has made a difference to over 45,000 Bronx residents.

Bronx Work have different programs like benefits, children and youth programs, family programs, services for seniors, Immigration services, eviction prevention, homeless services, chronic illness and workforce development. There are a numerous of generous contributors for example Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr, BJ’s Wholesale Club, Emblem Health and Fordham University. The current executive of directors of Bronx Work since May 2014 is Eileen Torres, and the chairmen is Roger Begelman. There is a hand full of locations for Bronx Work, but their Administration office is at 60 E. Tremont Ave Bronx, NY, 10453. There phone number is 646-393-4000 and their webpage is

The webpage is very well organized and is very detailed. It is divided in to sections such as home, about us, programs, new & resources, events, take, action, careers and contact us. Once selecting one it’s broken down to different categories, which makes it easier to find what you’re looking for.  They have designed the webpage with kids of a diverse community. I had already known about Bronx work before this project because my boyfriend’s grandmother works in one of the offices but I did learn about more of the programs and services they provide. I wasn’t aware that they helped with eviction prevention, homeless services, and chronic illness. Its good to know about this information because it’s helpful for my future knowledge incase of any future encounters with individuals with any of these issues I can refer them there.


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