There free. Three tips I learned from

There are a number of reasons why writing can make a great side hustle to anyone irrespective of age, religion, race etc.

Writing is one of the most effective ways to make money online. But Many at times you have no idea what to do, you lack the right resources to kick-start your journey

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 and end up giving up before starting. By the end of the day, you need optimism, patience, and determination to motivate you.

So here’s the story of how I came to pick writing as my preferred side hustle. You can picture those days when you are in Primary School and your English teacher walks in. After greetings, you realize he is currently not in the mood for teaching. Shock to you-you need to write an article which we use to call a composition.

A topic is given and you have 40 minutes to finish writing. You receive your results a week later and your paper is colorful with the teacher’s red markings. So disappointing. At that point, you realize you have two things to do. Either to redo your composition or face the strokes. Coming from a country where in those days caning was the order of the day as a means of punishment you prefer to redo. A 2nd time you get a colorfully marked script. Until you get a clean,well-written article then you are good to go.Many years down the road I’ve come to realize that the rewriting or redoing I was made to do against my wish was molding and igniting my passion for writing. So I decided to read many blogs about writing, some were helping, others I found had so much to read and nothing meaningful to pick from it. Even so, some few blogs became my stepping stone as a newbie.


3 Blogs that kick-started my writing side hustle.
1.  Writer in charge- The founder Bamidele Onibalusi did not have an experience at the age of 16 when he began a career in writing. What am I saying!!! I mean anyone can earn a decent living from scratch. He now earns a six-figure out of passion. You can subscribe to his blogs and gain some great knowledge to start your side hustle trouble
free. Three tips I learned from him:-

·         Remember, Your Freelance Writing venture is a Business, Treat it Like one – Plan your time wisely. Always remember that getting clients, negotiating the right terms, being disciplined enough to deliver client work, etc. are all things you’ll need to do, and it’ll be really tricky committing to them when you see your freelance writing as a by the way endeavor.

·         Clarify What Services You’d Like to Offer- Outline those basic services you intend to offer and familiarize yourself with these services. Learn more from the experts and know how they are doing it to ease your work when prospecting for clients.

·         Work on a Client Acquisition Plan- No matter your approach, you don’t want to begin devoid of a plan for getting clients. As a novice, you should at least spend time learning about your ideal client acquisition strategies; read a lot about the approach you want to use, find case studies and success stories from people using a similar approach and look for best practices so that you start right.          

2. Writing Revolt-The founder Jorden Roper in April 2015, she got fired from her job and had a tough decision to make. She had to make a choice between looking for another job or take a risk and try to make it as a freelance writer. Jorden chose to take the risk.

Her 3 main tips for success as a newbie

·         Set a tangible goal. “Set a solid goal, give yourself a deadline, and then always be taking action. For example, You decide that you are going to make $2000 by March 2018. It’s so much easier to work towards achieving that if you aim at a specific number and set a deadline.”

·         Pick a specific niche. “avoid being a generalist, select a niche, and then market your niche prowess. That is important to any newbie when starting out. I believe that was a big reason why her income grew fast.”

·         Keep improving your business. “Keep working on your business, market it and never let it stagnate. There are a number of things you can advance over time –, social media presence, portfolio, SEO, design, among others. All that will help you attract better clients.”

3. Make a living writing- Carol Tice the founder, an award-winning, fun-loving freelance writer is obsessed with helping writers earn more from their work. Her main intention is to show writers ways to move up from content mills and other low-paying markets.

Three things I learned from her

·         ‘When you  hit roadblocks,  immediately look  for a workaround.’ In short, don’t give up for any reason.

·         ‘Look for opportunities that are a great fit for my background.’ This I can narrow it down to pick out a niche that you are excited about and you can’t tire writing about.

·         Anyone can make a living writing online with or without any skill.


Why writing?

So I went into writing as a hobby, then a side hustle. And this is why you too should take it up as a money-making venture.

Freelance Writing is start up free- Freelance writing is one business venture that does not need money to start. No fancy credentials is necessary. All you require is passion and access to a computer. Given that projects differ in proficiency level, it grants you an opportunity to write on just about anything.

Freelance writing pays you for your creativeness. – Creating something from scratch is one of the best feelings one can have. And a pay for it goes a long way. By earning money from your creative pursuits, you can set your own program, supervise yourself, and work from anywhere in the globe.

Freelance writing increases your income.- Building a freelance writing side hustle requires patience, but with effort and passion, you can turn your side gig into a 4-6 figure lucrative business. Testing your way into freelancing while you’re still working full time is an additional income that can pay the bills and give you the luxury you want.

“Great success requires greater sacrifice,” says Sachin Prabhu

If you can’t make any sacrifices to start getting money freelancing, then it’s most likely not going to take place. Even with the best writing guru in the world.


Are there any tips we have missed? Add your own in the comments section.


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