Theoretical Foundations Essay

We give them the tools to manage their illness through education. Teaching about medications, weight control, diet and exercise. Routine doctor visits and laboratory testing as well as daily blood glucose monitoring. The middle range theory , adapting to diabetes is proposed as a creative and meaningful conceptualization of the experience of living with diabetes. (Whitehorse, et al app 5) Understanding of each individual’s life context, goals and values will help us promote health behaviors in chronic illness.

By using Ray’s theory of adapting to chronic illness a person has the ability to adapt stimuli, creatively, consciously, and positively. (Whitehorse, et al IPPP) Kola’s article indicates that if we make patient’s “comfortable” that they will naturally engage in health-seeking behaviors(HAS). The article indicates when a patient is able to meet Hess they report a higher satisfaction with health care. Basically, the article indicates to meet the patient where they currently are on the comfort continuum.

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Give patients what they need to feel satisfied and comfortable room our nursing care. For example, faster healing-nutrition and hydration. Therapy for faster recovery and discharge also decreasing length of stay. Medications to meet health seeking behaviors albeit antibiotics to pain medications. 2. Debate the pros and cons of Jeep’s and why are they good for nursing? What are the drawback’s? Evidence based practice, is researched methods of why we do the things we do for patients. Our care, of our patients, with improved techniques and changes in health care can be a con.

For example, when I went to nursing school we learned, auscultation of GOT and ENG were the method of placement. During my practice some students learned about testing gastric pH for placement. Today, the standard in placement checks after insertion with x ray making sure tube is in fact in stomach. Patient protection from accidental infusion of tube feeding into the lung. So pros are with improvements and knowledge of patient care we can improve bedside care to protect individuals from harm.


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