Then City and the Country Essay

The City and the Country The City and the Country have their similarities, yet they are also very different. In fact you could say City life is very different then the Country way of living. You could also say that they are alike in many other ways. I have lived in both the City and the Country, so I often compare and contrast the two. I was born and raised in the city. Then when I was twenty-five I moved my family to the Country. The City is very fast paced, smoggy, and crowded. The Country is very slow paced, has fresher air, and a lot more wide open spaces.

The City has a very large population, compared to the Country where the population is usually a lot smaller. The people in the Country seem to be a lot nicer than those in the city. In the Country you drive by and people will wave and smile. Where as in the City you drive by and people are rude and totally ignore you. In the City the communities are larger, and you are less likely to know your neighbor. In the Country the communities are much smaller, and everyone knows everyone. The City will usually have a lot more crime, and violence then the Country does.

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The Country is much more about the community, and family working together. The City is more worried about keeping up with the neighbors. Like who has the better car, or who makes more money. Even though they have differences, they are also alike in many ways. The City and the Country are alike in more ways than they are different. They both change, and grow every day. They are both full of changing and growing communities. They both have Government, and Politics. They also both have School Systems, and Parks. They have Police Stations, Hospitals, Businesses, Restaurants, and Shopping Centers.

The City has a lot of fun activities, as well as the Country does. The City and the Country is both full of great history, and knowledge. They both have hard working people, which are just trying to live, and to take care of themselves and their families. The City and the Country is both full of wonderful caring people. We should celebrate our differences, and rejoice in our similarities. I have lived in both the City and the Country, and I love them both. They are both great places to live and to raise families. Even though they are different, underneath it all they are the same.


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