The youth-sized 20-gauge shotgun state police believe

The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child requires states to set a minimum age below which the child can not be held responsible for their actions. However, the United Nations Convention does not specifically state a minimum age. When a child is found guilty of a crime, it is because the prosecutor has proven the child’s ability to understand that he or she has done something wrong. In February of 2009, the Pennsylvania state police found Kenzie Houk, an eight months pregnant woman, dead in her bed. Investigations concluded that she was shot through the head with a shotgun covered by a blanket. Surprisingly, the suspect was Jordan Brown, the 11 year old son of Kenzie’s fiance. Jordan Brown often often hunted with his father, Chris Brown, “who purchased the youth-sized 20-gauge shotgun state police believe was the murder weapon” ( The only witness, the victim’s oldest daughter, who was seven years old at the time of the incident, reported hearing a loud boom before leaving for school. After further investigation, prosecutors discovered tension between Jordan and the victim as he was jealous of Kenzie and her two daughters. This jealousy grew when the family discovered the unborn child was going to be a boy. John Bongivengo from the Lawrence County District Attorney’s Office stated, “‘my choice is either to charge him as an adult, or don’t charge him… Not charging him at all wasn’t feasible'” ( The victim’s family wished for Jordan to be charged as an adult for taking two lives, and causing the suffering of the victim’s two children. In the end, Brown was found guilty as police stated he had walked into his father’s bedroom, shot his future stepmom in the head, and then boarded the school bus. Brown was charged in adult court, yet served in the juvenile detention center as the state prison was unable to provide for children. He was sentenced to 10 years in juvenile court custody as the death penalty for juveniles was banned by the Supreme Court in 2005. This case relates to the creature’s prosecution as the two situations are very similar. Both Jordan and the creature were driven by jealousy as Jordan was jealous of his future stepmother and her children, and the creature was jealous of the companionship humans had. Additionally, Jordan Brown and the creature were considered minors at the time of their crimes as Brown was only eleven years old and the creature was only a year old. Another similarity was their crime: they both murdered at least two human beings. Therefore, the creature should be tried similarly to Brown. Children and minors must be held responsible for their own actions, especially in the case of taking another person’s life. However, instead of being sentenced to death, they should remain in a juvenile facility to undergo rehabilitation with their release subject to future hearings regarding the state of their rehabilitation.


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