The Ways We Lie Essay

We can’t go a day with out lying. No matter where we go lies are all around us. We can’t escape lies. It’s a ritual for us. We lie so much that sometimes we can’t even tell the truth from a lie. People ask questions and if you really don’t want to answer think up of a lie without effort and lie straight to their face. The reason some people lie is so that they don’t hurt some ones feelings. They take consideration of other peoples feelings and don’t want to hurt them. So they lie.

A lot of guys do this so they don’t hurt a girls feeling. For example a lot of girls say that they look bad and how they look like a bum, which is true but guys always respond no you look good/fine. Girls except guys to lie to them to make them feel better even dough they don’t relies they that. A lot of girls at work try stuff on and ask me if they look good wearing it. I tell people the truth no matter how they take it. Everyone at my job knows I tell him or her the truth when they try clothes on.

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So they always come to me and ask for my opinion instead of other people who always tell them they look good, even though they don’t. Sometimes people even lie to survive. I always work in the mornings on Saturday at eight so I have to wake up ay seven. I forget to set my alarm clock some times and over sleep. When I got into work I tell my manager that my phone died or that there was an accident on the road instead of saying I was tired and didn’t feel like waking up.

If people tell the truth they could end up getting in trouble with their job or they could tell a little white lie and keep their job. Or if you forget to turn in a paper for class you wouldn’t want to lose the points so people lie to get a little extra time to be able to write it up and turn it in. People always lie when they come into work late, these people are always late and they always have an excuse.


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