The Use of American Indians as Mascots Essay

How would you experience if person dressed precisely like you. or a individual that you honor and respect. danced and jumped around a gym or bowl during athleticss games utilizing symbols that represent you and/or your civilization? Sadly. many colleges and high schools do this. They choose Autochthonal people’s symbols. dances and music to do their team’s mascot look precisely like a head. Many people think that utilizing American Indians as mascots honors the Indian people. but the truth is they feel insulted and segregated. There have been many petitions to alter this. non merely by Indian people but by regular people from other civilizations excessively. and still these athleticss squads used them as mascots. High schools and colleges shouldn’t maintain their American Indian name or their symbols.

Pigeonholing is the chief ground why many people don’t agree with American Indians being used as mascots. Racism and segregation had been a large portion of this country’s history and it still is. The dances. music. symbols. and even people that make portion of the mascots show discourtesy for the Indians. It seems like the schools show disrespect for the Indians excessively. because the bulk of the participants don’t even cognize the significance of the symbols of the images that are on their team’s uniforms. It’s besides hurtful for the Indians to see a head as half clip amusement. If you go to a school’s football game and see the ‘Indians’ drama. they do it approximately and with a batch of force. This influences people to believe that the heads and Indians are barbarians and that they are ever contending and being unsmooth. Throughout the old ages it has been said that all worlds. no affair what race. faith. civilization. or colour. should be treated every bit. so how come for the Indians it’s a different narrative?

Second. another ground why Native Americans shouldn’t be used as mascots is because of economic grounds. Why should any group of people gain money off of somebody’s civilization? That’s mean and unneeded and that’s one ground why a batch people want to maintain the mascots. Some schools sell shirts with a Chief’s caput on it and do money off of this. If a existent Indian came to any of these schools and saw a whole clump of childs and instructors with the face of his “God” on it. of class he would experience angry because the people who are have oning it don’t cognize the importance of that individual on that shirt and have no regard for them either. If these schools want to do shirts to sell them to the pupils to derive money for the school. so they shouldn’t have anything that symbolizes an Indian on it. The participants and pupils could assist by believing of their ain mascot and they could make something different from all the other schools.

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The last ground why I besides think high schools and colleges should alter its name is an educational ground. Most pupils have a incorrect and/or bad reading of what a Native American is. but it’s non their mistake. Possibly. it’s because the Indians have been interpreted in a incorrect manner. When you hear one of these team’s names. you might believe of powerful and strong people. Indians are powerful. but you besides think of barbarian and violent people because of how the game is played. That’s why foremost you should be good educated so you could larn to appreciate other civilizations. When they asked me if I thought that high schools’ and colleges’ names and symbols should be changed. I said no. Now. that I have learned about how Indians feel. done research and been educated. my sentiment changed to a yes. This proves how when you educate yourself and don’t concern about what anyone thinks. you could really hold plentifulness of grounds to endorse up and support your ain thoughts and grounds.

Using the Indians as mascots may do the participants. managers and even pupils feel like their squad is powerful and strong. nevertheless. that doesn’t needfully mean that the squad is strong and that it would be a winning squad all the clip. The athleticss squads might non even necessitate an image of an Indian in order to do the squad strong and winning. It’s all by how much attempt you make during the game and it depends on the sum of motive you have about the athletics and how much you pattern. There are a batch of squads that have regular name and images and they are still winning squads. I will besides acknowledge that some school and colleges have had their mascots for old ages and it turned into a tradition. but now things have gotten worse.

There’s a enormous sum of people who feel insulted and hurt. Everyone has the right to experience comfy and welcomed. so schools should be able to alter their name to something more proper and respectful and that makes them experience comfy excessively. Dr. Gregory. a professor in the University of Illinois. provinces ; “It’s non a affair of people seeking to be deliberately average. but if something is upseting to a minority of the population. it’s non for the bulk to make up one’s mind whether it is or is non upseting. ”

High schools and colleges shouldn’t maintain their name and symbols such as the plume and the chief’s face. American Indians should be treated every bit with regard. The race. colour. or civilization shouldn’t affair. but what should count are their feelings. Many of these American Indians came to America looking for freedom and all they’ve found is racism. We should all educate ourselves and so we would be free to judge any civilization because we would hold something smart to state. We should alter and do a difference now before anybody else gets hurt or any other race is affected by racism excessively. “Everyone understands that if the voices of American Indians are being disregarded today. tomorrow. it will be other people of colour. ” — Paula Ostrovsk. pupil at University of Illinois.


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