The Unknown – Creative Writing Essay

The new day was nearly awakening, the sun was rising the smell of fresh grass and the birds singing in the tree tops with the whoosh of leaves blowing all over the lonely street. Then the shrilling, annoying tone of Jack’s alarm clock struck half seven am. He and his wife were lying in bed with the duvet off, the fan blowing cold air into the stuffy hot warm weather. Jack and Maria decided to get out of bed, get changed for what they thought was going to be an ordinary day.

Joe and Maria strolled down the oak, creaky spiral stairs and into the large open plan kitchen with every application you could ever imagine. As you walked into the kitchen you saw the outside onto the freshly cut garden with every colour plant that you can get. The kids were inside the main room watching CBCC. Maria started preparing the dinner, at the sink pealing a potato Jack went up behind her and put his arms around her waist and reached into a kiss. The connection between the two, are so strong and no one could ever get between them and their kids.

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After the two hours the dinner was cooking for, they dished them out on the four plates and served them onto the dining table. The room was sparking with all the glasses, mirrors and the sun reflecting onto the metallic statue; it brought so much light into the room. They sat down and started to eat and had the conversation on the summer holidays that are approaching fast. All of a sudden Jack heard the shrilling tone of his mobile ringing. He reached into his pocket and took one look at it and his eyes rolled to the back of his head. Maria looked at him and she knew without him saying anything that he had to go into work again. With their situation money was tight and had to spend it sparingly.

He left the house and his wife and kids at the dining table, he didn’t like doing this. His kids deserve better! He got into his new, shiny car and drove to his work Skyjack forensics, he works on solving problems and doing forensics. He went in and they told them that they had a brake in down town in a jewellers and approximately over two hundred thousand pounds worth was stolen.

Jack went to the jeweller’s downtown to investigate the incident that had happened. He walked in through the window on the door, as the burglars smashed it in to make there entrance. He walked along the shattering glass, every time he took a step glass crumpled and shattered under his feet. He got to the crime scene and took some samples on the glass counters which the jewellery was displayed in, He also went to the stock room to collect the CCTV VHS to see if he could catch anything that may help with the horrific investigation.

Jack left the building and put the police tape around the outside, shortly after he arrives back at his house based in the central of London. This was an old fashioned house with a large open plan garden. The car was parked in the garage. He approached the front mahogany, large door and realised that the lock was broken. Jack’s heart started to beat fast like a leopard hunting for it’s pray. He opened the door slowly, the old rust hinges creaked. Jack slowly walked into the crammed hallway with all the shoes and un-boxed things.

He walked into the living room, the double oak doors was closed. All of a sudden a black out appeared. Jack’s instinct was to look up at the light. Jack gulped and took a deep breath, he opened the doors. “SUPRISE!” everyone shouted at once. He had the shock of his life, his heart was pounding and he couldn’t catch his breath. There was over fifty people here, the lights was out and all he could see was the small faces appearing as his eye sight got more and more used to the darkness, he turned to the right and there was this great ball of fire.

It was his birthday cake, over forty three candles just shinning like a star. The power came on; he was relieved that he could see again. Everyone was coming up to him, giving him gifts and cards. But at the back of the room were two men dressed in black just stood there chatting and looking at people. Jake found this suspicious and told Maria, she had no idea who they were and wondered who invited them?


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