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The thought of migrating to OS X has been ripening in me for a long time. The mobile OS from Apple caused positive emotions, and unconsciously I was sure that a full-fledged OS from this company would be no worse. To check the theory in practice I have decided to buy new MacBook Pro with Retina display. Even though my previous laptop (HP Envy 8) suited me for the most part, I still decided to buy another device. The reasons for buying a MacBook Pro were a few:I wanted to feel the pros and cons of OS X in practice. During the past years I’ve had a chance to try different operating systems: from Windows 98 to Windows 10, even Linux. But OS X is the only OS that has slipped away from my eyes.It got a better display. What to say, Apple laptops’ display is beyond competition. Seeing in the MacBook Pro with a Retina display in the store and comparing the quality with alternatives, I realized that I have to work on such a beautiful screen in the near future.I wanted to try my hand at developing video and photo under OS X. I am an active user of GoPro and SLR Cameras and I have long been scratching my hands to edit my works on Final Cut Pro. To do this normally without a full-fledged Mac is unrealistic. I know that there are all sorts of things like Adobe Premiere Pro, but for me it is too expensive, and the final result may not meet expectations.I could not organically digest Windows 8(that time Windows 10 was still newly released). Therefore, my old laptop from HP still works under Windows 7. I did not buy the 8, because the new version of the OS did not bring anything except negative emotions. The useless tile interface, the lack of a “Start” button, and the stupid right side-bar repulsed the desire to spend extra $100. I believed that Microsoft would fix it in version 8.1, but it did not happen.I always wanted to get a laptop with a stylish design. I love beautiful gadgets, and Apple’s technology just falls under my notion of beauty.I could still list the list of reasons for a long time, but, perhaps, I will stop. I will say that the more significant of them, Mac – the only computer that works in unison with the smartphone and tablet. There are no other such devices in nature. I do not spend time thinking about how to transfer documents, photos, or video from phone to computer or tablet. It happens by itself, it’s like going to the morning to clean teeth, not even discussed. People buy Windows laptops, android smartphones and some other tablets. All these are complete collapse of incompatibility and sodomy – different systems invented by different people. When I connect an Android smartphone to a Windows laptop and see all the “guts” of the system, folders of an incomprehensible destination – I’m getting sick. Why scoff at the user? To copy a photo, you need to look for a folder named DCIM, then go somewhere else, it’s like a quest “try to find what you need.”


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