The there were 21 of them, including

Philosophers is an American film written and directed by John Huddles in 2013. The
story started with that of a graduating class in logic, where the class was
given a test–  three actually, on how to
survive a nuclear blast, using apparently, logic. The assumption: there is a nuclear apocalypse
(during a field trip) and a high-tech bunker which will provide enough food,
air and other resources (including weapons) for 10 people to survive for 1 year
underground, to emerge at the end of that year in order to rebuild and
repopulate the planet. The issue: there were 21 of them, including
the teacher. So, the class was exposed on a selection process with the aim of a
higher probability to survive.

is logically, an illogical film — manipulating the viewers that it is about
logic applied in real life, when actually it is not. The
Philosophers is
not really a film that talks about a philosophical thought experiment at all,
although it contains three.  It is not really a movie about a teacher suggesting
a situation where the class must decide who lives and dies during an atomic apocalypse
by just their professions and then letting the audience see how it will play
out. The film emphasizes how much philosophy can teach us and how much it could

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is also about a teacher’s love for a student, Petra, who he wants to keep for himself
by pointing out the flaws of her boyfriend, James, in their last day of class.
If the goal of Mr. Zimit was to have his students make a mental exercise of
applying what they have learned in logic over a year, perhaps he was successful
on it, yet he failed in making Petra logically decide whom to be with. It is a
low key romance film, hiding beneath the layers of philosophy and thought

agree with Petra when she said to Mr. Zimit, “Being smart is not
everything.” Petra and her team in the third scenario kept on praying and
praying, until they were able to get out of the bunker alive. In this life,
most of the time, because of limited resources, and variables that we have no
control, our reasoning and logic will end, but that is when faith begins; that
is where the fun in discovery, imagination, creativity, and productivity
follows– making us not just rational, but human beings.

Philosophers is really interesting if one digs deeper and looks between the
lines. It makes the audience think what they will do if they were in that
situation– will they follow the example of the class or think for themselves. 


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