The the Sirens. The goddess told him

The Sirens appeared to be beautiful, who were revealed as seductive eye-catching women. The women easily fascinated and lured sailors from other lands with their bewitching music and voices that were hypnotizing. However, despite their beautiful nature, the creatures were believed to be dangerous. In his journey Odyssey leaving Circe the goddess, was warned of the Sirens. The goddess told him of their songs which brought death to those who gave ear to them. She warned him if he gave ear to the songs he would never leave the island, experience life joys and see his wife. Upon arrival at the cursed island, he ordered his men to use beeswax for plugging their ears. This would prevent them from hearing the Sirens voices. He also ordered them to tightly tie him to the pole and let him stay there. They were not to give in to his plea to release him.

Odyssey and his men manage to successfully get through the cursed island. This would not have happened if he did not listen to the Circe goddess. Therefore, from the Siren episodes we learn pertaining the importance of us as human to fight temptation and removing our capability to responding to the temptation. We should be aware of our weaknesses as human and be able to control them in times of temptations since this would lead us into trouble. Odyssey could hear the voices of the Sirens but he lacked a way to give in the temptation. Being roped on the pole prevented him to responding to the Sirens seductive voices and promises. His men blocking their ears with beeswax prevented them from hearing the tempting promises of the Sirens thus we as human should learn to plug our ears so as not to give in temptation.

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Part 1

During his journey he encountered one challenge during this episode of the Sirens which was to successfully pass the cursed island. The Sirens promised him his heart desires, which was to acquire wisdom. They referred to him as Greece’s pride and begged him to stay so that he would be able to learn the wisdom of the wise. The songs were very tempting to Odyssey and he could have easily given in to the women’s pleas and promises but he had to overcome it so as to be able to get back home to his wife. Him ceasing his own fate and giving in to the Sirens would have only brought death to him. The challenge was that the women calling him by name and promising him wisdom which he really wanted to get and holding himself back to not giving in. Both Odyssey and his men during this episode did not lose anything but odyssey was able to learn of the Sirens and the wisdom of wise without ceasing his own course during the journey.

Part 2

The ability to keep his men together and loyal to him is a valued heroic character that is valued during this episode. He gained loyalty from them and they listened to his instruction of plugging their ears and roping him to the pole. Its value is revealed when he orders them to rope him to the pole and commanding them to plugging their ears using the beeswax. This heroic character protected both Odyssey and his men from the seductive Sirens voices hence their death. The episode teaches us of the virtue of loyalty to our elders as portrayed by the men. They obeyed their masters’s orders of plugging their ears. Being loyal to our elders as humans curbs us from falling into temptation of fulfilling our hearts desires.

Part 3

The episode uses metaphors to explain Odyssey challenges and obstacle to getting past the cursed Island. The Sirens seductive voices to draw Odyssey into the temptation of staying in the Island and learning the wisdom he mostly desires. They call him names and praise him as Achaians great magnificence. The Sirens metaphorically are a temptation to Odyssey, so are the voices we as human here that lure us into temptations. Especially Christians who find themselves listening to some secular music which is against their faith. The music sounds pleasing to them, but the feeling is only for a short while which leads them to the eternal fire.

Part 4

This episode brings meaning to other parts of the Odyssey as it portrays his ability to fight temptation despite his desires. It enables us to understand better his purpose and why he is so eager to get through the journey. We are also able to understand how he manages to pass through other challenges using his own intelligence and wisdom. The episode also uncovers the theme of hospitality. As he travels through the lands he comes across Circe the goddess who helps him to pass through the cursed Island. The goddess warns him of the challenge will experience at the Island and how to avoid the temptation of the Sirens voices. If the Odyssey had not included the Siren episode, the tale would have lost its meaning and importance. The episode is the very vital to the Odyssey as it shows how he was able to  successfully reach home and because he had to go through the ocean to get there.

In conclusion, the Sirens episode presents to us as human a very powerful message and lesson which is temptation. In relation to the Sirens seductive voices, we often find ourselves tempted to fall into things which we are aware of the dangers and consequences. The temptations always seem to be seductive and enticing as it gives us the now and here pleasures. The episode teaches us we should not navigate off our purpose in life. Rather, we should walk towards our course with perseverance and wisdom as Odyssey did. He restricted his capability to respond to the Sirens temptation and guarded his men sense to prevent them from hearing the seductive vioces of the women.


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