The the aspect of an educationalist’s responsibilities.

The goal of
achieving universal primary education is especially important because
educational accomplishment has been noted as a key aspect to overall economic development.
British higher education and qualifications have a remarkable global reputation. The United
Kingdom has always been a great place for getting higher education and  it is the most desired place for students like
me to get immense knowledge on education development sector. UK universities are
maintaining the high standards of teaching, learning and research set by the
Government. And more over studying in the UK will help me to develop excellent
language skills as because the English language is of crucial importance in today’s
global business arena.

I have always been very curious and
eager to learn new things. Since  my
early childhood days. I have been a knowledge seeker.  I have been a intense and curious student. I
did my schooling from B.AF Shaheen School, Dhaka and secured first class marks
in the board exam. After finishing school and college  I joined Jagnnath  University 
Dhaka, which is one of the best public university in Bangladesh . My
major subject area was Zoology.

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Moving on to the
professional front, After
completion of  my study I have joined  in the service of peoples republic of Bangladesh
as an government employee. Since my joining I am serving as a regional
education officer of primary and mass education. My main work responsibility is
to school management and administration of the school and organizational activity. Equality of opportunity in education is an important,
but often ignored or misunderstands in the aspect of an educationalist’s
responsibilities. Education that is designed and delivered so that it is easy
to get to to learners with definite needs can change the lives of individuals
and fundamentally change the opportunities available to them in wider society.
The demand for highly qualified, enthusiast and creative educationalists with know-how
in this field  is unquestionable. As my
background education  and my working area
is not exactly same .So I need to learn more about education  management . That is why I decided to gain a
professional degree on this respective subject .If this professional degree can
accomplish from a well reputed university like university of west Scotland
would be a great opportunity for me to achieve my goal. This contemporary and challenging
programme of study provides opportunities to intensively assess present national
and international growth in the education sector.

University of the
West of Scotland has a long recognized relationship with Bangladesh and many
Bangladeshi students  had their degree
from UWS and serving Bangladesh successfully. I believe that the  studentship of this university  will facilitate me to understand diversity in
terms of languages, culture, perspectives and experiences. Which will help me
to develop the education sector f of Bangladesh after completion of my degree .

I am confident that
studying at the University of west Scotland  will empower me with sound knowledge of the
basic principles of this field and help me acquire the necessary skills to
reach my goal. Also my Masters degree in Education Management  from UWS  will give me a strong grounding and a perfect
channel to make the most of  my
strengths. According to the    The Times
and The Sunday Times  good university
guides 2018 UWS stood top as a 100 UK university and highest among the
universities  in Scotland .

sincerely hope that the admission committee finds my profile well matched to
the requirements of the course and gives me a opportunity to be a part of the
esteemed university


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