The Spirit of Christmas Essay

The Christmas Spirit Characters- Julia Dowling The Visitor “Jack” Beth Dowling Aunt Rosemary Uncle Bernie Paul Dowling Melissa Rosen Father John Brenna Matthew Harris Author- Frederick Stropped Plot- In the Play “The Christmas Spirit”, written by Frederick Stropped the story starts with the main character Julia in her favorite chair listening to classical music which makes her become very sleepy. Fast asleep the music quickly becomes louder, and goes into a news announcement that quickly wakes her, in the report they tell of a earthquake that killed three hundred people in Pakistan.

Julia feels empathy for the lives lost, and heads up stairs to bed, she claps her hands twice for the lights to go out, they do but only upstairs, she tries again, and the lights downstairs go off but upstairs remains on. Julia goes downstairs to see the problem then out from behind the tree is a man. This announces why he is there, and for whom, he states that he is there to take Julia who is going to die in three minutes.

She later on manages to strike a deal with death, and asks him, “have you ever celebrated Christmas”, he responds with “No, Vie never celebrated anything”. So then she invites him to inner with her family tomorrow, in order to extend her life time. On Christmas Day she has her family members rush over to have dinner, “Aunt Rosemary, Beet, Uncle Bernie, Fatter Jon, Ana Mellissa Rosen, Ana Matthew Harass all family that Julia hasn’t seen in a long time. When Death arrives he prefers to take on the name Jack Frost, he also brings along a suicide victim, Matthew Harris.

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They all go; throughout the day with the family finding out things about each other, and what Jacks true identity is. Everyone in the family attempts to throw their life to death to trade for Julia, but death wont allow it so he allows ere to live until everyone is happy, and then she dies. Theme- The theme of the story would have to be a question in this case , “Why should death have to be the reason for family and, loved ones to come together”. It could also be that Death brings us all together.

Do I Believe That This Play Should Be Cased At Wassailed High School I personally don’t believe this play should take place at Huntsville High School, I think that the usage of many words in the play such as the F-word and, the S-word. This language would not be suitable for any children in the crowd this may corrupt, and show a bad influence to the children, and give us ad reviews. Summary- The Christmas spirit is a play in which many everyday lessons are thought in crazy, mysterious ways.

In the beginning of the the play the main character Julia is visited by Death. She realizes that she doesn’t want to die so she tries her best, and convinces Death to allow her to spend her Christmas with her family as long as he can come. On the next day all of Cilia’s family arrives, and so does Death. Death doesn’t come alone he also brings the suicide victim, Matthew. Later on we realize all of the issue’s this family has, and why they have been so distant. Julia had fallen in love with her sisters husband when they were younger, Ana Paul Delve gay.

Later on Pall’s gleaner Mellissa Is catching feelings for Matthew who is dead, and Beth is catching feelings for Jack”Death”. In the end Julia informs everyone that Jack is “Death”, and Matthew is dead, and that Death is there to take her. Instantly everyone throws there life to Death in order to attempt to save Julia death declines, and realizes how much the family truly cares about each-other, and leaves. Death allows the family to have a wonderful day so that when he took Julia away they will have happy memory.


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