The solution of Disneyland Resort Paris Essay

1. The chief job is that the Disney Paris was fighting to be profitable under Europe’s multi-culture background which is underlined by the specific Gallic civilization.

Tokyo Disneyland was the profitable Disneyland in the universe. everything that worked good in the US was positively received in Tokyo despite the obvious civilization distance. But unluckily. when the Euro Disneyland opened in 1992 in Paris. the narrative did non follow the Tokyo book. The Decreased Revenues coupled with an investing load that was hard to transport. set an terminal to the optimism and euphory. Fiscal troubles had plagued the resort since it opened. stultifying its ability to put and making urgency for short-run hard currency flow.

So how to accommodate the multicultural concern environment in Europe particularly the cultural in France to do Disney Resort Paris became a profitable company is the most hard challenge.

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2. Culture is the nucleus factor cause the job. Euro Disneyland ( now Disneyland Resort Paris ) is the first multicultural park. Some people see Disneyland Resort Paris as a bastion of American Culture imperialism in Europe. Dominique Cocquet. Executive VP of Development and external Relations. said “In the beginning. on the Gallic side. there was some easy and non-rational anti-Americanism” . It is predictable that the Euro Disneyland experienced the cultural daze in France.

As the largest Western European state. France is a state that takes huge pride in its history and outstanding civilization. Such cultural individualities play a important function in Gallic concern civilization. When encountered the foreign civilization particularly come from America Gallic people have a sort of replete reaction to force it off. That is why the Gallic president. Francios Mitterrand. saying that it wasn’t his “cup of tea. ” I think it is rather typical. and stand for the common ideas and feeling of the Gallic people when the Disneyland opened in Paris in 1992.

3. Along with the civilization difference between US and France. there is a Multilanguage difference. Imaging the jungle usher in Europe warning riders about a Hippo will lift out of the river and spews H2O in six linguistic communication. by the clip he gets to Spanish. the Hippo is already out and the Italians and the Dutch—whose linguistic communication haven’t got to yet. That rather an illustration for issues caused by Multilanguage. Disneyland Paris had to larn to make emotion without verbal books.

Besides the war in Iraq after 9/11 did make uncertainness and lower degrees of touristry. The Germen economic system shattered. other European economic systems went into diminution and tourers turned to cheaper and more local travel. And at the same clip. the Euro increased against most other universe currencies. and Disneyland Resort Paris became more expensive relation to holidaies outside Europe. Tour operators in the US. northern Africa and Asia. were despairing to pull tourers by offering holidaies at loss-leading monetary values. And Euro Disney S. C. A had to refund *600 million in exchangeable bonds in late 2001.


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