The Sculptor of Life Sample Essay

After reading “The Open Boat” and reflecting back on my life. I realized that I am who I am largely because of the environment I grew up in. Right when I was able to run and leap. I followed my older brother everyplace he went. most of the clip unwanted. However. the clip I spent with my brother and his friends genuinely molded my character into portion of who I am today. Fishing. playing hockey. and merely “chilling” with these older people. I think. enabled me to maturate much faster than childs my age. The most I got out of this period of my life. shadowing and raging my brother. is ironically non what to make. but what non to make. Encountering intoxicant and drugs at such a immature age really strengthened my abstention and temperateness from them. Although my brother truly was a good function theoretical account. for he did non imbibe either. watching his friends fume and imbibe truly disgusted me. Therefore. every clip I step into an environment with drugs and intoxicant. I either leave or try to avoid it every bit much as possible. Furthermore. I think my societal mentality opened up when I spent two old ages populating in Korea. Populating in Korea enabled me to non merely see the Korean civilization. but besides respect it. Now. I talk to my parents in Korean. and I am believing about inscribing in a Korean school category.

Furthermore. before I left to Korea. I ne’er truly hung out with an all Asiatic crowd. but when I came back from Korea and here to Martin High School. I found myself congregating with both the “Asian clique” every bit good as the “White clique” . However. sometimes I wish that the two groups would unite into one so I do non hold to invariably take between one and the other. Many times I find myself seeking to make up one’s mind if I should eat tiffin with one group or the other everyday at school. Although this determination may non look really difficult to do. sometime I think about it the whole category period before the tiffin interruption. Additionally. being raised in a church has truly controlled my whole life. The ethical motives I learned and the religion I have govern my whole life from get downing to stop. My first and present function theoretical account is my old young person curate. He brought me to Christ and showed me how to populate as a Christian through his actions every bit good as his words. To add to this. the whole church environment as a whole taught me how to handle other people and how to function one another. To see the curate function his fold the tiffin repasts and the deacons of the church serve the drinks deeply moves me every Sunday. Recently. I stepped up to the place as praise leader in my church. and every Sunday I follow my curate and deacons’ illustration and function the young person kids their nutrient and drinks. Although I am non precisely the nicest or most responsible individual in the universe. I genuinely believe that I am more of those things because of the environments I live in. From drugs to church. these different environments have molded me into the individual I am today. and I would non travel back to alter a individual one of them.

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