The satellite in Earth’s orbit. The satellites

The issue on nuclear war is that it
only gets worse from this point. Joseph Stalin was not pleased when we dropped
the bombs because he was already on his way to move his troops into Japan. Some
people believe that the United States not only wanted to end the war with Japan
by dropping the atomic bombs, but also keep Russia from taking over Japan.

Stalin was very furious and in a way, turned him against the United States. The
United States did not tell Stalin about the bomb either. Everyone was surprised
by the bombs and didn’t even know the United States developed them until after
they were detonated. Holloway states, “In August 1945, after the American
attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the Soviet Union launched a full-scale
effort to develop the atomic bomb. This effort was undertaken in a competitive
spirit, as a response to the challenge with American possession of the atomic bomb
was seen to pose to Soviet security and to Soviet interests. From August 1945,
it was Soviet policy to destroy the American atomic monopoly in the shortest
time possible.” This is the start of the nuclear arms race between the United
States and the Soviet Union.

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August 1949, the Soviet Union detonated a plutonium bomb. The Soviet Union
didn’t tell anyone about the detonation. The United States detected the
explosion and made it public. In 1957, the Soviet Unions placed the first
artificial satellite in Earth’s orbit. The satellites name was “Sputnik.” The
satellite proved that the Soviet Union will soon contain Intercontinental
Ballistic Missiles (or ICBM). An Intercontinental Ballistic Missile is a guided
ballistic missile with a minimum range of 5,500 kilometers. What makes an ICBM
extremely dangerous is that it can be remotely controlled and activated just by
a press of a button. The only thing about ICBMs at this time is that they can’t
travel very far. ICBMs created an anxiety or fear that nuclear war can break
out at any time. The fear of nuclear war is a serious and suicidal concept. For
example, Odom states, “in 1954 Malenkov insisted that a major war would bring
the “destruction of world civilization.”” If you think about it, if nuclear war
broke out and every country was using nukes, there would be 


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