The Reflection of Religious Studies Essay

Perspectives Religious practices are the fundamental features of religious life, and they can consist of sacred rituals which may include sacrifices or rites of passage, ways to be healed, and pilgrimages. In general, religious practices can encourage or control certain behaviors and they can also take part in a type of worship, which is an essential part of a religion. Christianity and Buddhism have many similarities and differences when it comes to their religious practices. In Christianity you can locate cost of their religious practices in The Church or in the Christian Community.

In Buddhism, you can locate the religious practices in The Shanghai, which is a community of monks and nuns following in Buddhist practices. It is important to understand and acknowledge how both major religions and their practices can answer any underlying questions about the relevance for each tradition. For both Christianity and Buddhism, religious practices can mean different things such as Christians might practice their tradition by showing praise to God through worship, prayer, sacraments, pilgrimage, and by reading their holy scripture, which is he Bible.

As for Buddhism, one can meditate, take part in veneration, madras, mantras, and also pilgrimage. However, both traditions can also Just mean that there is a community that serves as a whole of each tradition. In Living Buddha Living Christ, Community as a Body, Thick Nat Han writes “In John 15 Jesus says, “l am the virtue vine… Abide in me as I abide in you. Just as the branch cannot bear fruit by itself unless it abides in the vine, neither can you unless you abide in me”. This is close to Buddhism. Without mindfulness we cannot bear the fruit of love, understanding and liberation.

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In Buddhism, it takes at least four persons practicing together to be called a Shanghai” (Han 65). Defining the purpose for why each tradition chooses the way they practice is something that is difficult to explain. However the practice is not the most important role in the tradition, but the community as well. Therefore religious practices do not have to be within the walls of a temple or a church, but they can take place through people and their everyday lives, Just like in Christianity and Buddhism. The religious practices that occur in Christianity and Buddhism are different. In Christianity you are there to be one with Jesus Christ.

You enter a stage where salvation is your goal, and you rely on Jesus Christ as your savior. In Buddhism, you are convincing yourself that there is this “nothingness” and you need to escape from the illusion of the ideological world that is drowning you with desires. In overall, each religion practices completely two separate things. On one hand you have Christianity where the world is “real” and that sin is this evil thing that is keeping you apart from God, and then you have Buddhism where everything is Just a false impression that our mind creates and you need to let go of that to reach enlightenment.

In You Are Not Here and Other Works of Buddhist Fiction, Keith Shtick writes in the story Ringworm, “The sufferings of life should be known. Do not move to conceal the truth demonstrates that life is suffering and people need to accept that, and understand that there’s this big whole of nothingness and you must overcome it. The fundamental questions that result from why these two religions chose the way they practice goes back to how Christ and the Buddha chose the way of achieving the religion they created, setting certain rules and aspects of the religion.

The way that I think about these two extremely relevant traditions that are practiced all around the world and how their practices were created is something that no one can explain or teach. Of course anyone today can create any religion, but to have historical insights and such persuasion of the mind is not an easy task to accomplish, no matter how you look at it. What the Buddha and Christ taught their followers is more than anything a teacher can teach a student. “The answer for both masters, the way through this moral maze, lies as much in their imagery as their message?simplicity’ (Borg 73).


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