The Purpose Of This Is To Take A Stand Essay

Prior to starting my research, I should develop a thesis statement. This will allow me to find resources that are relevant and accurate in relation to my chosen issue. 5. I am expected to gather information from the GU library. The instructor would direct me here because the articles have been peer reviewed and are somewhat accurate sources of information. 6. I should select research that is relevant to my thesis statement Also, research that is non-biased and from a reliable source.

It is required to use at least one peer reviewed source for the essay. 7. The thesis statement should be 1-2 sentences in length. It should include/address the three main points you will be writing about in the body paragraphs of your essay. 8. The next step after creating a thesis statement is to conduct research related to the thesis statement. G. No, I will not have to create an outline format, one will be provided. 10.

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The essay should be written in third person. This is important because I am writing to an audience (my instructor). 1 1. Three important items to review before submitting rough and final drafts are to proofread, simplify your essay, and review the assignment rubric. 12. It is important to wait for your Turning score before submitting because it is required to check it for correctly cited sources and check the report before submitting it to your instructor.


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