The protect their child. “Studies indicate that

The abuse of children and
women is a serious worldwide issue that many go through. My image shows a young
man that seems to have a black eye because he has been abused. In the corner of
the advertisement there’s a website for those who would like to report and
bring an end towards abuse. “One in fifteen children are exposed to intimate
partner violence each year, and 90% of these children are eyewitnesses to this
violence.”1 “Every
year more than 3 million reports of child abuse are made in the United States.”2

In the image there’s a young
boy who seems to get abused, but his mother gets abused as well. The mother
isn’t featured in the advertisement, but viewers know that she gets abused as
well because the writing on the picture. The caption says, “He has his mother’s
eyes”, which concludes that him and his mother suffer from the harshness of
abuse. The little boy appears to look depressed because of the physical and
possibly mental abuse that him and his mother endure. Women who suffer from
abuse tend to not be able to protect themselves from it because they’re scared
of the consequences, which causes them to not be able to protect their child. “Studies
indicate that children from violent homes, who witness the abuse of their
mothers at the hands of their fathers, experience mental health issues similar
in intensity and magnitude to those experienced by physically battered

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The color of the
advertisement is very gloomy because the topic of abuse is dark, and many
people don’t like to discuss it. Abuse is frowned upon but not as many people
especially victims speak out against it when it occurs. The victims are
constantly wondering and torn between if they should stand up for themselves,
vent to someone about it, or continue to endure the pain because they’re afraid
of what the potential outcome would be. Abuse attacks are unpredictable, and
the child is never sure what behavior will cause the perpetrator to act out against
the child, which would lead to another act of violence. The abuser uses fear of
the assault to control the child’s behavior, and it also keeps the child from
telling others about their abuse because they fear the abuser will retaliate.

This advertisement appeals to
emotion because a child catches the audience’s attention more than an image of
an adult would. The dark colors in the ad overwhelms the audience with pity
because abuse is a harsh issue for anyone to ever understand unless they go
through it themselves. The young man has on a black shirt causing him to blend
into his dark surroundings and the focus of the image goes towards the boy’s
pale face and bruised eye, which brings back the dark feeling of the overall
meaning of the advertisement.

Research shows that nearly
700,000 children are abused in the U.S annually.4 Kids
who suffer from abuse tend to have anxiety, failed social and emotional skills,
which causes the victims to be more vulnerable to their problems. The physical
effects of abuse can range from minor bruises or in severe cases broken body
parts and even death. Although the bruises and broken body parts may heal over
time the pain and suffering the child endures will never go away. Child abuse
not only causes physical wounds but emotional wounds as well. Children lack the
ability to be able to connect and trust others, because they once trusted their
abuser, but the abuser brought nothing but pain towards them. Victims of child
abuse that are constantly abused tend to develop depression because they feel
as if their life is worthless because their abuser has made them feel this way.

All in all, child abuse is a
serious issue that should be taken seriously. Children who are abused are afraid
to speak out against their perpetrator because they’re fearful that they will
be blamed for the incidents happening or that no one will believe their side of
the story. No child should More than eighty percent of abused children are
abused by their parents, which should come to an end because parents are meant
to protect their child and not cause harm towards them.

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