The “Professionalism” of Napoleon Chagnon Sample Essay

There is no uncertainty that Napoleon Chagnon’s survey of the Yanomamo provided the outside universe every bit good as many anthropologists likewise with great penetration into the life style and civilization of these autochthonal people populating in the Amazon rain forest. Although. with this being true. Chagnon has besides been accused of over-emphasizing the ferocity of the Yanomamo. utilizing unethical methods to roll up informations. and overall traversing the line of professionalism when analyzing the Yanomamo countless times. In this statement of whether Chagnon respected the moral and ethical duties of an anthropologist or acted unprofessionally in respect to analyzing the group I think that he did so esteem his function as an anthropologist and acted in a professional mode.

In Chagnon’s survey he recounts that the Yanomamo were a sly and aggressive group of people and they would frequently steal his goods and drama fast ones on him as they would amongst themselves. Because Chagnon did non desire to constantly fall victim to the inclinations of the Yanomamo he finally developed a method to recover his stolen goods by stating “I would merely inquire a kid who took the point and so take that person’s knoll when he was non about. giving a spirited talk to the others as I marched off in a faked fury with the thief’s knoll. ” Although this may look like a barbarous manner to manage the state of affairs I do non believe it is because he did non harm anyone in making this and because of the nature of the Yanomamo to revenge this isn’t an unprofessional manner to near the state of affairs. I besides think that in making this he gave himself more of a presence amongst the group and it made him a little more well-thought-of amongst the Yanomamo.

Overall. I think that there is a all right line between disrespecting the ethical duties of an anthropologist and moving professionally in the field. Chagnon should non be accused of being unprofessional merely because he might hold participated in the playing of fast ones and moving in a relatiative manner towards the Yanomamo because this is considered normal in the Yanomamo civilization. In respect to Chagnon’s experience with analyzing the Yanomamo I genuinely believe that he acted in a professional manner.

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