The process of reflection Essay

The process of reflection Reflective practice is basically the ability to look at an action and think about It. This enables the process of continuous learning or learning from experience. It Is personal to the reflector and there Is no right or wrong way of looking at something. To analyses – To examine something methodically and In detail, typically In order to explain and Interpret It. (Google October 2013) The process of reflection: 1 . Awareness – The first stage of reflection is becoming aware of a situation. Perhaps something out of the ordinary has occurred.

This could either be a positive or negative one. Perhaps the situation has become too routine and needs changing (e. G. The children are no longer enjoying story time and fidget whilst the story is read). Perhaps someone has reacted to a situation in a way that was unexpected (e. G. A parent is angry about having to be involved In an activity with her child that the setting thought parents would feel pleased to be asked to join in with). Reflection can also be used as tool to help children’s’ learning and Is used at the end of each day In he older classes within my school.

Children are asked to think about their own learning and experience and to assess and understand their strengths and weaknesses. Being reflective is one of the attributes which form part of the learner profile, part of the POP/BIB curriculum which is taught in my school. 2. Critical analysis – The second stage involves looking at what has occurred and analyzing it. This could occur either whilst the action is taking place, reflection in action or afterwards, reflection on action.

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So, when an action feels uncomfortable, reflect on it and look for a solution to make it feel comfortable again. Analysis might involve working out what has happened and why, to ask yourself questions and to think about and to go back over what has happened In your mind. It might require the need to seek out new knowledge about a situation to help to work out a new solution. Discussing what has occurred with colleagues can also help with reflection and also gives a different perspective on a situation.

Talking it over out loud with there (family) can also help things appear clearer, even if the others don’t understand what is being said and offer no advice what so ever. 3. Taking action – The third stage involves taking action and putting the new theories or perspectives into practice. 4. Then the whole cycle can start again. Skills required In reflective practice are: 1 . Thinking about current practice, situation. 3. Inquiring into different methods used by others in the same situation. Therefore gaining new knowledge about the practice and looking at new approaches.


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