The Power of One Film Techniques Essay

John G. Avildsen uses many different techniques in the movie _The Power of One. _ For illustration the construction. the different camera angles. sound and symbolism are cardinal techniques used throughout the movie.

The movie is split into three chief parts: out in Africa and the boarding school when PK is younger. the gaol where PK is a small older and the last portion where PK is around about 18. This construction shows precisely how PK grows up and the relationships he forms with others around him. It helps viewing audiences feel apart of PK’s life from childhood to adulthood. Dividing the movie into three distinguishable parts helps viewing audiences get a better apprehension of what is traveling on during that clip. For illustration the first portion in the movie is about PK at the age of approximately seven covering with the losingss of everyone around him and the toughs at his Afrikaner school.

The manager uses many different camera angles to acquire emotions and apprehensions into the audience. For illustration when PK was younger and go toing the Afrikaner boarding school. he invariably got bullied for being the lone English male child. the camera would invariably whizz up on his face. Therefore demoing the audience that PK was petrified to be at that place as he did non belong. The technique used further helps the audience to understand how he feels and how vulnerable he is.

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The 2nd portion of the movie revolves around PK in the gaol and making more relationships with the captives and farther increasing his relationship with Doc. The playing of the characters that are introduced in the 2nd portion of the movie can be a important technique used. For illustration Morgan Freeman who played Geel Piet was ever bent over to demo that he was less than the white people. It besides showed that the white people controlled him. Another illustration is when Geel Piet has to eat fecal matters off the guard’s pes. The camera angle goes down to Piet’s degree so the audience knows precisely what is go oning and to acquire to the degree Piet is at. It besides is to demo one time once more how low down the black people are.

Up near camera angles were used to demo look of the characters and acquire some kind of emotion from the audience. Overhead shootings were used to demo that something was incorrect and to demo how vulnerable Giel is when he is go forthing a edifice during the prison concert. A technique used was contrast – the beauty of the vocalizing contrasted of the ugly force of the assault of Giel. It was used to overstate and foreground the difference of both events. With the assault on Giel from the guard. sound effects were used such as the whippings were enhanced to demo the audience how hard he was acquiring beaten and to demo emotions.

A technique used in the movie is music. A good illustration is music in the concert at the prison. The music shows rebelliousness and unison from the vocalizing. as there was integrity from the folks all singing together. The music was elating from the round on the piano and harmonized good.

Another technique that was used greatly in the 2nd portion of the movie was illuming. As the portion of the movie is in the gaol. this technique is used to demo that the conditions of the prison were rough. by dark dim illuming. An illustration of this technique is when Piet is beaten to decease by Sergeant Boreman. the lighting was rough and topographic point lighten was made to do Boreman look evil. The illuming gives the audience marks about the emotions experienced by Piet in this scene.

The 3rd portion of the movie is when PK is around about the age of 18 go toing a school in Johannesburg and ‘changing the world’ . Sound is another technique used widely throughout the movie. Sound helps alter the temper of the audience who are watching. For illustration when PK is running through the streets of Alexandra to run into Gideon Dumar. there is an wellbeing and joyful song playing as the small childs were following. This shows that everything was all right and nil bad was traveling to go on.

Another illustration of camera angles is when PK and Gideon are running through the streets of Alexandra. the camera shows how little. dirty and crowded all the black people are in this township. It shows the audience who less unfortunate the black people are and how they live in slums. It uses long shootings to demo the slums and shut up of the marks to demo that people are now come ining slum countries.

Symbolism was a large technique used in the movie. There was symbolism like the poulet. the elephant. the rainmaker and the waterfall.


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