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The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Foundation was established on April 20, 1983, by Atlantic Records founder and chairman Ahmet Ertegun. In 1986, Cleveland was chosen as the Hall of Fame’s permanent home. Since opening in September 1995, the “Rock Hall” part of the city’s redeveloped North Coast Harbor has hosted more than 10 million visitors and had a cumulative economic impact estimated at more than $1.8 billion. In the Rock and Roll hall of Fame there are 210 artists included. Each year, the Foundation’s Nominating Committee selects a rock and roll group of artists nominated in the performer category. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame recognizes and archives the history of the best-known and most influential artists, producers, engineers, and other notable figures who have had some major influence on the development of rock and roll.A lot of rock and roll bands have to be in the hall of fame because these bands are legends and that if they aren’t in the hall of fame then they are going to be forgotten by all, but they will be in everybody’s heart. The rock and roll songs could give you a lot of feelings while you are listening to the song and some bands like Linkin Park, Paramore, etc. could give you that feelings.Some Rock and Roll bands, Linkin Park, Paramore, Evanescence, Fall Out Boy, etc., are legends because they still making Rock songs these days and they are making the Rock genre still in the history, these bands should be in the rock and roll hall of fame because they have been made rock and roll songs since they were teens and I think it could be a disrespect for this bands not to be in the rock and roll hall of fame when they have made some teeneagers like this music genre because of this bands and their spirit for the Rock and Roll.There are making an error in the Foundation’s Nominating Committee, these people is selecting pop artists to be in the Rock and Roll hall of fame, it is a crazy idea, there should be a Pop hall of fame, these people in the committee are making a mistake selecting pop bands and artists to be in the rock and roll hall of fame, they will make the rock and roll hall of fame be pop hall of fame, that is a big mistake by their part, they should be electing rock and roll bands and artists, not pop artists.There are some bands that have been waited a lot of time to be in the Rock and Roll hall of fame, these bands like Gorrilaz and Coldplay are nice bands and even tho they are alternative rock they still being in the Rock and Roll genre so in my opinion they should be very soon the rock and roll hall of fame, it could be something really sad if they are not included in the rock and roll hall of fame with all those years that they dedicated to the rock and roll genre and entertaining children and teens with their music. The idea that got Gorrilaz of making their song videos in 2D is pretty cool and these songs and videos should not be forgotten.There is one thing that differs the bands and this thing is the lyric of the song, some examples could be in this bands: Nirvana, Fall out Boy, Panic! At the Disco and Greenday. These bands have a Hit that made them really famous, in the case of Greenday, they made a song called “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” they just got this song getting on the top, then they just get down and stop making some good songs and started making songs but not in the level of “Boulevard of Broken Dreams”, this is really sad because when this song was a hit they got motivated but not enough and they didn’t done another big hit. In the case of Fall out Boy they made a lot of songs that in my opinion are good, some of them have videos without sense but the song make the video good too, they got a lot of hits, nowadays they still doing incredible songs.The Rock and Roll genre was created in United States over the years 1940 and 1950 the instruments that are the drums, electric guitar, electric piano, etc. The first person to make a rock and roll was Alan Freed in 1951. The Rock and roll genre is a combination of Jazz, blues and Boogie Woogie. The phrase rocking and rolling is originally describes the movement of a ship on the ocean and it describe a spiritual fervor and as a sexual analogy.Over time the people started to listen this music genre and in over time they changed their likes and then they started to listen pop songs and now they are listening to rap, classical and even country, but some persons still listening rock and roll genre but other listen to Alternative rock music. Some teenegers still listening to rock and roll songs these days, but there is a very low percentage.


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