The main problem of the study Essay

This chapter presents the chief job of the survey and some information environing the job. It besides includes the significance and range and restriction of the survey.

Background of the Study

Tobacco is one of the hiking industries in the universe because of tobacco users. In the Philippines. coffin nail is a major merchandise which contributes much for the country’s economic system. Smoker population worldwide has already reached 1. 1 billion. Today. tobacco users are non merely those who are aged 18 and above but besides the high school pupils who start smoking at age 12. Almost all new tobacco users are kids ?3. 000 adolescents start smoking every twenty-four hours. More than three million kids under age 18 usage baccy merchandises. Peer force per unit area. satisfaction. and wonder are some factors that encourage a kid to seek smoke. It is difficult to extinguish the usage of coffin nail in the universe. Tobacco coffin nail is being used since 1600s by Europeans.

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A coffin nail is a little cylinder of finely cut baccy leaves rolled in thin paper for smoking. It produces smoke that causes annoyance to the olfactory organ of secondhand tobacco users. Nowadays. a new engineering called Electric Cigarette besides known as E-cigarette has been developed. It is an inhalator that vaporizes a liquid solution. It can be a replacing for baccy coffin nail for bar of illness. E-cigarette is besides preferred by some adolescents because of its odor and different spirits. Most users of E-cigarette are those who have adequate money because it is excessively expensive than the baccy coffin nail. However. long-time tobacco users still prefer the original baccy coffin nail. Even though coffin nail is non extremely recommended. it is still the figure one drug in the Philippines.

Statement of the Problem

This research survey will find the facts about smoking concentrating on the differences of baccy coffin nail to electric coffin nail and its effects to one’s organic structure. Specifically. this survey aims to reply the undermentioned inquiries:

1. What is baccy coffin nail? electric coffin nail?

2. What are the differences between the two in footings of:
a. chemical contents
b. effects to the organic structure
c. effects to secondhand tobacco users?
d. effects to the environment?

3. How can the users or non users avoid smoke?

4. What are the possibilities that e-cigarette will be a entire replacing for baccy coffin nail?

Significance of the Study

There has been a turning population of tobacco users from clip to clip. This survey was created with the chief aim of giving the research workers the difference between electric coffin nail and baccy coffin nail.

The consequences of the survey would be a great aid to tobacco users by holding adequate information on possible consequences of excessively much exposure to smoke and its effects to non-smokers. For public wellness workers. consequence of the survey would be utile because they can be a manner of circulating pieces of information about smoke. In overall prospective. this survey will lend a greater apprehension in relation to smoke.

Scope and Boundary lines

This survey is focused on finding the facts about smoke: e-cigarette and baccy coffin nail and its consequence to one’s organic structure. It is about the differences and some specific disadvantages. The research workers do non desire to promote nor to deter the usage of both merchandises but would merely seek to province the facts and allow the readers decide for themselves.


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