The lifestyle advertising to be effective as

The Dear
Sophie Ad released by Google is likable in how it sets itself apart. Personal
connection to the consumer.

I find this
form of lifestyle advertising to be effective as it creates a much more
personal, long lasting impression. Instead of the standard “BUY THIS NOW! BEST
DEAL!” that we all have been accustomed to, Google presents its product as a
part of life. How? 4 ways;

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1) A “realistic” camera perspective that gives you the perspective/ feeling of
being there.

this case, this was computer screen with the Dad, Daniel Lee, in the familiar
place of typing and sending emails.


Talents or abilities the consumer can identify itself with

everyday ease of sending an email


Scenes that depict real life events

emails and pictures the Lee family experienced such as the story of going to
the fair or losing a tooth


4) A concept
that is grounded in real life concerns

concern in “Dear Sophie” of raising a kid (perhaps one in which that related to
the target market of 18 – 34) is something people can relate to.  Or at the very least, family love.

Other ways lifestyle ads stand apart from the others, include instead of
focusing strictly on specific product features (which can be hard to promote
due to everyone’s different wants and needs), they can instead focus on the
experience. Which allows company’s like Google, or other popular brands such as
Apple or Nike, to differentiate themselves from others.


consumers, this can make a sense of belonging as the product gives themselves a
sense of self-expression. Effectively, shaping the way a product can be perceived
into a set of values and a personality to an otherwise faceless brand. In other
words, their product becomes more than “just a product”. Just as when most
people think of Harley Davidson, they don’t just think of the motorcycles, they
think of the bikers that ride them.


way Google Chrome stands out with lifestyle advertising is realizing how a
personal connection can go farther than “wowing” the consumer with traditional
product/ consumer ads that say, promote cheap deals. For example, instead of pushing
their product as “THE BEST DEAL”, invoking a personal connection may in fact be
much more easy and effective to execute, when your product when and its
competitors that offer similar services, are offered to their consumers for
FREE as well.


while on that note, I also believe that invoking a personal connection would
have far better long term effects on a consumer when considering brands. When
choosing this long term plan, Google will benefit as the Ad will get people
talking about the product (consider now in this discussion to an Ad that was
released back in 2011) and be shared around in the online social space
community we find ourselves in today. You see this in other examples such as
the “Old Spice Guy” or the Red Bull jump from space. As dumb as it may be to
some, these campaigns are become specially crafted geniuses when they are
shared and explode in popularity when their target market catches ahold of


So yes
Google, the web is in fact what you make of it. 


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