The Life of Muhammad and the Spread of Islam Sample Essay

In 570 AD a adult male to be by the Islamic people as the last prophesier was born into the universe ; his name was Muhammad. Muhammad was born into a hapless household in Mecca. but spent most of his childhood being raised by Bedouin relations in a different town after he was orphaned at the age of six. His uncle Abu Talib brought him under his wing and taught him to be a successful merchandiser. When Muhammad was about twenty old ages old he moved into Mecca and began merchandising for widow named Khadijah. Through the following five old ages Khadijah became cognizant of how dependable and resourceful Muhammad was and proposed matrimony to him when he was 25. Through his travels Muhammad became really cognizant of the kin competitions and the undermining forces among the folks. He shortly became distrait and unsated with his life. In 610 he retreated to a cave above Mecca to chew over and fast. While he was there the angel Gabriel appeared to him and gave him a message from God. “There is no God but Allah. ”

Muhammad began learning his disclosures form God. His first group of adherents consisted of his married woman. his retainers. and merely a few of his clan’s people. His first followings called themselves Muslims. As he taught his circle grew and he became a menace to other affluent Meccans. the worshiping of the Gods of their male parents. and the sacred Ka’ba. In 622 After terrible persecution. Muhammad and his followings fled to Medina. The flight to Medina Markss twelvemonth one of the Islamic Calendar. In Medina he was thought of as a hero. In the mid 620s the Quraysh began establishing onslaughts against Muhammad and his followings in Medina. The little Muslim ground forces held off the imposing Quraysh forces for three old ages while the Muslims grew over 1. 000 strong. They defeated the Meccan ground forces and created the pact with Quraysh in 628. The pact gave Muslims permission to see the shrine at Ka’ba. Through the armistice Muhammad gained over 10. 000 converts to Islam.

Muhammad’s instructions brought Arab a faith that united all folks. He besides brought a new ethical system and promoted societal equality in the eyes of Allah. He excepted the instructions of Judaism and Christianity that preceded him. He besides promoted and extended organic structure of Torahs that regulated all parts of life. One of which were the Pillars of Islam. They consisted of the first being confession. “There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is his courier. The 2nd being praying five times day-to-day towards the holy metropolis of Mecca. The 3rd is to fast during the month of Ramadan. The 4th is giving tithe to charity. And the last being the Hajj. or pilgrim’s journey to the Holy metropolis of Mecca. In 632 Muhammad fell Ill and died.

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Islam was the fastest spreading faith. Through its’ monotheistic positions. high developed legal codifications. and a big community sense Ti won over most of the Arabs. In 633 with most of Arabia united under Islam their ground forces began assailing adjacent imperiums. The integrity of Islam began to divide when kin leaders began challenging over who would go the replacement of Muhammad. In 632 Muhammad’s best friend was chosen for the occupation. Through Islam the warriors had the power to catch their enemies. Jihads. Holy wars were launched to coerce the spread of Islam upon other imperiums. First they went after the really weak Susanian Empire. The swayer was against defended against them but the Muslims had swindled their manner into the bosom of the metropolis. In 651 the Muslim ground forces claimed triumph with the last of the Susanian swayers. Next they attacked the Byzantine Empire which had shown to be more stable than the Susanian. The Copt and Nestorians welcomed the Muslims to the metropolis because they were sick of revenue enhancements and persecution.

They lead to the autumn of their ain imperium. By 640 the Arab ground forces had conquered Syria. western Iraq. Palestine. and Egypt. The rise of Muslim naval high quality sealed the destiny of the other imperiums as they took control of the Mediterranean. In 656 force broke out over the divisions on the Caliph. The Islamic community continued to divide until they were about two wholly different peoples. The divisions were non mended until the late seventh century. In the eighth century the Muslims took India and in to he west they took North Africa and Spain. In the 800s under Umayyad regulation. increasing sums of people voluntarily switched to Islam. The Islamic community faced jobs with covering with the “People of the Book” whom did non portion their faith. Islam attracted many adult females along their conquerings because of great gender equality. Womans were equal with work forces before Gods and they besides were allowed to contend amongst the work forces in conquerings. Womans were treated respectfully and kindly. In the late 800s Arab trading ships set up and expansive trading system from Spain to China. The civilisation gained great wealth and power through commanding trade paths and provide other imperiums with what they needed.


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