The King’s Speech Movie Review Essay

The King’s Speech Review The King’s Speech Is a movie about a royal monarch with a severe speech impediment. He has suffered from a stammer his entire life. When his father, who Is king, passes away the throne Is given to an elder brother. The brother chooses to abdicate the throne, forcing the duke Into power. Required to give speeches, he seeks help from an unlicensed speech therapist. The movie Is his journey to overcome the stammer and take the throne as king. My opinion of the movie is well castes, but the plot is missing excitement. Star of the film, Colon Firth portrays The Duke of York.

He has had a stammer all of his life, and since he has to give public speeches all the time, he needs some help. Colon Firth, who doesn’t actually have a stutter, makes it very believable. Firth, being the main character in the film, played the part better than anyone else could have. Lionel Loge, who is played by Geoffrey Rush, becomes his speech therapist. Loge not only becomes the duke’s speech therapist, but also becomes an important friend. Especially when the Duke Is forced to become the King of England (George VI). When King George V of England died and his eldest son (Guy Pearce) abdicated, the duty ell to Prince Albert.

He was not prepared for the responsibility since he had suffered from a speech Impediment that caused him to stammer and was thus unable to successfully give speeches. His father, played by Michael Gammon, passes away leaving the throne to older brother, King Edward VII (Guy Pearce). Kind Edward chooses to abdicate the throne to marry a divorced woman, Wallis Simpson, who is played by Eve Best. Forced into power, The Duke’s wife, Helena Bonham Carter, who is well known for her out of the ordinary and merciless characters is loving and devoted to her husband, goes out of ere way to help him.

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This is very out of character for her because in this movie she plays a loving, caring, and supportive wife. She sends him to Loge in hopes to cure the stammer. The two developed a very unique relationship. The movie would appeal to more Intelligent audience. It stutters Its way Into the hearts of the audience. Although lighting Is a bit dark, It fits the tone of the movie. With little humor, the movie remains serious and historical for the duration of all 118 minutes. Like almost any movie, there is a happy ending. The new King delivers perhaps the biggest speech of his life.

His first big to speech to his “people” and announces the start of World War II. Also, the sound track to the movie consists of mostly classical music. The music is dramatic at appropriate times and plays a vital role in the mood of the movie. The quiet and classical sounds of the score by Alexander Desolate for The King’s Speech, provide a quality that brilliantly sets the tone for the movie. Overall, this Is a very well produced movie. In personal opinion, the movie was a bit dull. Boring, If you will. With the mall conflict not being known until the end of the movie, I kept wondering when something “good” would happen.

Each actor played their part well and no “bad” acting was seen In the film. The acting, costumes, and times, but well made and castes. Unlike my opinion of the movie being dull, The New York Times thought differently. “That film does have its attractions, notably in its two solid leads and standout support from Mr.. Pearce. Mercurially sliding between levels of imperiousness and desperation, he creates a thorny tangle of complications in only a few abbreviated scenes, and when his new king viciously taunts Bertie, you see the entirety of their cruel childhood flashing between them.

By the time he abdicates in 1936, publicly pledging himself to Mrs.. Simpson (“the woman I love”), turning the throne over to King George VI, Edward has a hold on your affections. Those would surely lessen if the film tagged after him when he and Mrs.. Simpson subsequently took their post- abdication tour around Germany, where they had tea with Hitler and the Duke returned the F;here’s Nazi salute. Like many entertainments of this pop-historical type, “The Kings Speech” wears history lightly no matter how heavy the crown. ” They thought that the movie was interesting and had nothing to say about illness or boringness. Mercurially sliding between levels of imperiousness and cruel childhood flashing between them. ” In this direct quote, they talk about how great the conflict was built up. They thought that the movie had great conflict and kept the audience interested every step of the way. L, however, thought the movie to only be exciting during certain scenes and had a hard time staying interested through the duration of the movie. Although I found the story line to be a bit boring at times, the soundtrack, cast, and costumes made for a well put together movie.


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