The impact that experience has on learning/brain development Essay

The impact that experience has on learning/brain development

One of the impacts that experience has over learning or brain development is that it allows the brain to develop in different way with every experience one has. This gives the brain the ability to develop and change when it responses or reacts to the demands of the environment. Another impact by experience as shown in researchers conducted is that it has the ability to affect the way the genetics are expressed while the brain is developing. Thus, a negative experience may cause a person to react negatively to a situation later on their lives although they may have positive genes. Apart from that, experiences also teach one how to communicate with other beings around them although they may have the right opposite genes. For example, although one may have shy genes from the parents, if they were exposed to people from young and their positive experiences with people could make them to be a more sociable person.

Research has also shown that early experiences may have the ability to determine a child’s proficiency in their native language or mother tongue. Besides that, experiences also help to stimulate the brain for future learning and whether or not the child becomes successful later on in life. These mainly depends on whether the parents had spent time with their kids at an early age and help them stimulate experiences which could stimulate brain functions and enable them to learn faster in school as compared to a child left all alone since young as the parents are busy working.  Negative experiences since young may also cause the brain to suffer from emotional problems such as depression, low self-esteem as well as other self-destructive behaviour.

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