The Ideas of Frederick W. Taylor: an Evaluation Essay

Introduction: For a corporate, there are many factors can influence it. Such as teamwork, leadership and trust of a leader. Acme Minerals Extraction Company in order to solve the problem which is morale and productivity. Suzanne Howard hired Donald Peterson to implement in the first plant. The outcome was good because Donald Peterson was the employee of the company. People in the company trusted him and respected him. With the assistant of Donald Peterson, the process went well.

However, in the second plant, the Suzanne Howard’s team not only did not have the person like Donald Peterson to assistant them but also under a massive pressure from the top management. The only option the have was force the employee to take a part in their operation. There is no surprise that the Suzanne Howard’s team would fail on the second plant. Teamwork, leadership are the essential factors for a company, they can sustain the life a corporate. The reasons of the problem: The team project succeeded in the first plant but is not working in the sister plant, the main problem is lack of a leader.

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There are several reasons to support it. Top executives make a mistake to believe the lessons learn should make implementing the program. Secondary, they felt under immense pressure from top management to get the team-based productivity project running smoothly that less costly and time consuming. Moreover, the manager do not make promise for employees. Although a few of the SPITS teams solved important problems, none of them showed the kind of commitment and enthusiasm. The solution of the problem:

Employing a person who can be trusted by the employees is the best measure . The leader should better be the college of the employees. In addition, the ability of the leader should better know the situation of the company. Dirk suggests that higher levels of perceived vulnerability may increase the impact of trust in leadership on team performance. (Kurt T. Dirk). They can know each other well. In spite of it, the employees should not be limited to complete something. Such as the chat meeting and attendance should not be mandatory.


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