The Hunger Games Essay

Her mother dropped into a depression when her husband left them, leaving Catkins to take care of the family. Without her skills they would probably have died of hunger, which was common for their District 12. Because of her qualities and skills she goes to everyday of struggling of being poor and having to hunt made her stronger and is the reason that kept her alive in the games. Throughout the novel we see every move she does, dealing with the situations that come her way. Because of her surviving and winning the games, she becomes a celebrity but does not seek the attention.

All she wants is to get back to her normal life and family at the end. Though she starts to feel something towards PETA and notices Gale’s feelings during the game, romance becomes unimportant for her at the end of the novel. PETA Mallard- A male member from District 12, that is in love with Catkins and becomes her main partner and interest during the games. They first meet years back before the games. Catkins and her family were starving and she goes to look for food at Pietas family bakery. PETA gives two loaves of bread which he burns intentionally for them to not use them in the bakery.

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Later in the novel we notice that PETA is very artistic, kind, and thoughtful young boy. He’s gifted by creating beautiful designs in frosting for the cakes at his family bakery and good at replicating patters capable of using as camouflage, which does in one occasion during the games. At a moment he reveals to Catkins that his only hope to keep going in the games is to not let the situations change him into something he is not. Revealing that, he is really a good and unselfish individual from District 12. Hammiest Abernathy- He is the only survivor winner of District 12 before Catkins and PETA and comes their coach throughout the games.

He is usually always drinking or is drunk all of the time. He provides advice and different technicians for them. HE also plans in making up a romance between Catkins and PETA, which helps them both survive the game even though the rules where to have only one winner. He trains Catkins how to behave and what to do to get her more sponsors. Even though he is uses Pietas feelings to get the results he wants. He also becomes a father figure to Catkins, who lost his father. But in the end of the novel he is undeniably effective and a good coach. 10 unfamiliar words:

Forage- the act of searching for food and provisions Tremulous- (of persons, the body, etc. ) characterized by trembling as from fear, nervousness, or weakness. Dissonance- Inharmonious or harsh sound; discord; cacophony Scrupulous- having scruples having or showing a strict regard for what one considers right; principled Haunt- to parade or display oneself conspicuously, defiantly, or boldly. Tangible- Capable of being touched; discernible by the touch; material or substantial Meticulous- Taking or showing extreme care about minute details; precise; thorough: a meticulous craftsman; meticulous arsenal appearance.

Scrawny- Being very thin Perplex- To cause to be puzzled or bewildered over what is not understood or certain; confuse mentally Elusive- eluding clear perception or complete mental grasp; hard to express or define: an elusive concept. 10 words in sentences: Homeless people are the ones usually foraging for food every day, anywhere. I’m such a tremulous person when it comes to presenting in front of a crowd. Blowing all at once created chords of delightful dissonance. You would not need to be a very scrupulous citizen to take an interest in this book. Don ‘t flaunt expensive jewelry or gear or wear revealing clothing.

The great thing is you’re making something tangible that you can gaze at forever. He’s very meticulous about picking the right song. It gives me the chills every time I see someone who is very scrawny. Her strange response perplexed me. I’m very elusive when it comes to remembering hard names. Character I liked or related with best: The character liked the most is PETA Mallard. He is very thoughtful and genuinely kind like I am. He is the one I can relate to the most by the way he acted throughout the situations in the games, would probably have the same reaction and thoughts.

One example that I see myself is when he knows and tells Catkins he is not as strong as her and doesn’t want to make a fool of himself and doesn’t want to keep going. I would be the same if I know there is someone better and stronger than me competing with each other. As well as artistic as he is, his talented in making beautiful frosting designs in the cakes at his family bakery. I would say am artistic as well in doing peoples (mostly girls) makeup, including the eye, face, eyebrows and mouth. Not the same but an artist is an artist no matter if it’s a different category.

Major events: 1. Catkins replaces Prism’s place in the reaping. It occurred at their district (12) before the games started. This is a major event and important because this is how and why everything started in the first place. 2. Image gives Catkins the mocking jay pin. Occurs in there District, and is important because is the symbol that is representing District 12. 3. China creates Catkins clothes that represent her identity as a rebel. It occurs before and after the games. It is an important event because it represents her and her toughness. . PETA “joins” the “careers” this happens during the games and is important because us as the reader it makes us think is was never in Catkins side. 5. Ruse’s death is another one that happens during the games. Less important because it shows to me that she respects her without even knowing her so well and respects her family when she puts flowers around her body. 6. Catkins risks her life for PETA to get the medicine to save him. Also happens in the games and is important because it represents loyalty towards each other and their partnership. Game makers change the rules for both members of district teams to be declared victors. Occurs at the end of the games, important to know because it represents that both members were able to get the game makers to change the rules for them to be saved. Climax: The climax of the novel is when Catkins holds out the berries, threatening to kill both her and PETA at the end of the game, taking y the power of the game maker. What I liked best and least about the novel: What I liked the best of the novel is when Catkins volunteers to take her sister’s Prim place for The Hunger Games.

How she manage others receptions of her to gain the best strategic advantage possible and how she learns throughout the games to survive and how her experiences from home made her stronger and more capable of surviving. What I liked the least is Ruse’s death during the games. Ifs a really heartbreaking event and because she is really just a child that was picked by the Capitol to entertain themselves which is what I dislike the most. Moral lesson I learned from the novel: The moral lesson I learned from this novel is probably to never give up something that you really love and fight for what’s right and what is best for oh and your loved ones.

For example when Catkins volunteers to go to the Hunger Games because she loved her sister that she doesn’t want anything to happen to her and knows she wouldn’t have survived if she did went. That in this world there are people who are very cold hearted and don’t care if other people get hurt physically or emotionally. How the novel is actually a Game Of people killing others in order to survive and the game makers as well as the people from the Capitol are entertained and enjoy watching it. But also, there are people who will fight with you or for you when they really care and love.

When district 12 fights back for their rights as well as Catkins does during the games which eventually comes through and survives The Hunger Games. Would you read another novel by the same author? Why? Definitely would read another novel by the same author because of how she expresses the characters with detail. How you can see clearly their emotions, as well as their thoughts throughout the whole novel. Also, how he makes the reader understand the tone of each characters and their perspective in the situations there in with the Hunger Games. Also just like the whole story bout the novel, how she had imagination in creating this scenario about poor and rich people, and how some take advantage of others for fun and/or entertainment. How people manage to stay together and not losing faith in what can happen at the end, I totally would read another book by her just for her imagination and outstanding work in writing this novel. How do you feel about reading and analyzing novels? This Was my first novel analysis and I personally don’t mind in doing them if like and understand the book.


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