“The Gathering” by Isobelle Carmody Essay

“The Gathering” by Isobelle Carmody portrays the dark side of human nature. It shows that man’s behavior does non change over long periods of clip and across different civilizations. It shows that each and every individual individual has an evil or dark side to them and it is whether they succumb to this immorality or follow the waies of visible radiation and goodness that decide what sort of individual they are.

Cheshunt. where the narrative is set appears to be a reasonably normal town. When Nathanial and his female parent arrive. Nathanial instinctively knows that something is non rather right. Nathanial is at that place for a ground. He and the other members of The Chain must larn the power of friendly relationship to get the better of the evil Kraken.

The dark side of human nature is seen in many characters: Cheshunt’s schoolmaster Mr Karle is a genuinely evil individual. Although Mr Karle’s merely function in the community is Deputy Principal of Three North. he has manipulated those who do hold a major function in the community into doing himself the chief power over all Cheshunt. His end is to go the swayer of the universe. get downing with Cheshunt. To do certain that The Chain does non get the better of him. Mr Karle defeats one member at a clip. Mr Karle portrays the dark side of human nature – he has attained power that he so uses to command all those around him. He has become corrupted by this power and with it he is able to pull strings the other characters to execute barbarous Acts of the Apostless.

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Mr Karle twits and mocks in an effort to emotionally destruct those around him – he takes pleasance in others’ emotional hurting. He causes hurt in Nathanial when he tells him of his cold hearted male parent who was “Insanely covetous. Unstable. Violent” ( page 263 ) and how Nathanial’s female parent learnt non to talk to anyone or smiling in fright of what his male parent would make to her. When Mr Karle reminds Indian that his sister is encephalon damaged because of Indian’s ain errors – he does this cognizing the grief this will do. He mocks Nissa naming her “unfeminine and unattractive” and how “no one could love such a animal except out of pity” ( page 246 ) . Mr Karle defeats one character at a clip. He is physically barbarous and used force to ache them. Mr Karle embodies all that is the dark side of human nature. he is barbarous both emotionally and physically “Then the Kraken stepped frontward and slapped her across the face. A drip of dark blood ran from the corner of her mouth” ( page 249 ) . He is corrupted by power. he is manipulative and in all this he takes pleasance. He is a true sadist.

The dark side in human nature is besides portrayed in many of the other characters. this is evidenced in Buddha – Isobelle Carmody has used the name Buddha that represents peace and harmoniousness and made him a slayer. He burns Nathanial’s Canis familiaris. The Tod. who is Nathanial’s merely true friend and Nathanial loves. “The lucifer landed in his tail and fires swept frontward up over him. Devoured him. He arched and coiled. yiping in hurting and fear. and so he screamed. a long cold ululation of torment and panic. ” ( page 214 ) . When Buddha burns The Tod it is a barbarous. fearful act and is grounds of how dark man’s nature can be. that he can slay a hapless. defenceless animal that is incapable of contending back. besides that the act was carried out in forepart of Nathanial to do him huge heartache and feelings of impotence. What is even more disturbing is that this is such a existent act that could go on in our mundane life.

How the people who are in a place to protect us and how they use this authorization in a destructive manner is besides shown. The constabulary. who are supposed to be good and honest are corrupt and evil. They protect the evil leaders and implement their jurisprudence. “The booklet stuck under the door the twenty-four hours we arrived had welcomed us to the vicinity and urged my female parent to fall in the Community Committee. It had a batch of by jurisprudence information and the spot about the curfew was last. It said no 1 was to be out in the streets after 10 at dark without a specific ground. ” ( page 20 ) . The constabulary either stood aside and allow the people of Cheshunt be intimidated and bullied or were making the intimidating and strong-arming themselves.

Seth is a portion of the concatenation that is needed to get the better of the evil – but Seth has given in to his dark side. He has a really weak character. Despite Seth being a “brain” ( page 10 ) . looking “like one of those perfect cats off Coke ads” ( page 10 ) and coming from a good household. “His male parent is a policeman” ( page 55 ) he is hapless. He is underhand and drinks alcohol to get away facing world. He can’t trade with his ain jobs ( his parents are divorced and he can’t trade with being in the Chain and the attempt it takes to withstand Mr Karle ) and uses his failings as an alibi to try to perpetrate self-destruction. “Seth ballad on his dorsum between them. his face dead white. ” ( page 142 ) He breaks promises “‘You promised. ’ Nissa said icily. ” ( page 138 ) . He besides betrays those around him “Mr Karle gave Nissa a radiant smiling. ‘Got him? But you misunderstand. Nissa. I didn’t acquire Seth. He came to us. ‘” ( page 250 ) .

Nathanial’s male parent is a character who shows that man’s dark side does non change over long periods of clip. Nathanial’s male parent was a violent covetous adult male who liked to hold complete control over everything. He was covetous of Nathanial and the attending he got from his female parent. particularly when Nathanial was a babe “I had to sometimes keep your oral cavity to halt the crying” ( page 264 ) . Man’s darkest nature was shown when his male parent attempted to kill Nathanial. “‘Children should be seen and non heard. ’ he said. and his large custodies closed around my cervix. And squeezed. ” ( page 247 ) . This is absolute grounds of unconditioned evil – that a male parent could seek to slay his ain boy.

In decision. “The Gathering” shows us the dark side of human nature and it is vividly portrayed. It has a reality that shows that immorality is present in the past and in the hereafter and is happening right now. in all parts of our life. It shows that power can pervert you and devour you perfectly. It besides shows us that inhuman treatment. fraudulence. green-eyed monster and use are merely some of the many ways evil can be shown.


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