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The Internet — the global system of the integrated computer networks which forms a physical basis for the World Wide Web (World Wide Web, WWW) and other data transmission systems. Now the word Internet most often is understood as not a physical network, but the World Wide Web which forms global information and communication space.Internet advertizing, or advertizing on the Internet Advertising includes different graphic and text advertizing materials placed on the Internet. The market of Internet advertizing began to be created in the mid-nineties, however prior to the beginning of the 2000th years the Internet was not considered by advertisers as the priority advertizing platform though some of them already then realized Internet support for advertizing of the goods and services. Nevertheless, fast development of the World Wide Web and some features of Internet advertizing led to the fact that the policy of advertisers for use of the Internet changed. From the middle of the 2000th years the Internet is considered one of the main channels of information impact on customers. It is connected, first of all, to the following factors: a constant and strong growth of number of Internet users and time of their finding on a network; development of technologies of a wireless communication, mobile devices and mobile Internet; development of Internet economy and, first of all, wide circulation of Internet trade; development of technical platforms of control of Internet advertizing and the systems of analytics allowing to measure quickly and precisely efficiency of Internet advertizing.Now the Internet actively develops as the advertizing channel. At the same time the basic principles and technologies of Internet advertizing in many respects differ from accepted in such traditional media as television, radio, the press. So, unlike television or radio which are rather passive media the Internet requires the active involvement: in an Internet environment nothing occurs until the user does not perform any operation. Information exchange in real time and existence of back coupling do the Internet by the effective instrument of advertizing from the point of view of quality of contact with a customer.So far developed three the most widespread like use of the Internet as the advertizing channel:


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