The Football Match Essay

I was getting ready for school when I remembered that Manchester united would be coming to Parked to take on Celtic in the Champions’ League group stage. My excitement grew Immediately. I pondered for a second realizing that If Celtic won this game they would be through to the last sixteen, an achievement no other Scottish club had achieved for years. Maybe this could be our year, I thought. The cold blistering air spiked deep into my lungs from the moment I stepped out from my house. I gazed at the pavement, observing whether there was ice on it.

I strolled my ay to school through the path where the gigantic trees glommed above me. I trod carefully through the Icy grass which was miniscule In comparison to the trees. As I made my way Into school my hands were about to fall off with the freezing weather. I sauntered across the classroom to my seat. I had math first but my thoughts drifted towards for the Celtic game that night and I couldn’t keep my concentration. The teacher was handing out text books when I suddenly came up with a plan. He handed me my textbook then I put on an act and said I felt sick and had to go home.

He fell for It and asked the classroom assistant to take me down to the office. I staggered my way to the office to make It look more convincing. My dad came and picked me up. I decided to go to for a nap when I got in so time would pass quicker. The game started at quarter to eight so I set my alarm to go off an hour before kick- off so I would have time to get ready. I woke up and glanced at my clock. I was so happy. It was finally here. I got ready and waited on my cousin to come to my house. I had a thrilling feeling about the game.

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Kyle, my cousin, finally arrived at my door, and then we began the twenty minute walk up London road to Celtic park as I got nearer the ground my excitement grew Inside me as I would be seeing some of the best players in the world like Wayne Rooney and Christian Ronald. The atmosphere was electric, the best I had ever experienced in my life. The players came out from the tunnel onto the pitch. Then, the famous song “You’ll never walk alone” came on. Not a single Celtic fan, as I recall, didn’t take part in singing it.

My body tingled with pride and emotion. Celtic kicked-off. Everyone was cheering their team on. As the time drew closer to the half-time whistle no team could break the dead-lock. Then suddenly, Christian Ronald released a rocketing shot from his right foot which had Cellist’s goal-keeper Arturo Boric at full stretch to tip it over the bar. The whistle went. It was half-time and we went out to the burger van to get something to eat. The second half was very boring and no team had any real chances. Then we won a free- kick from 35 yards out.

You could sense the collective panic in the Manchester United defense as we had the ‘god given’ talent of Skunked Mazurka the Japanese born right midfielder who had been voted one of the world’s best free-kick takers. We started chanting our team’s name. It got so loud to the point were 60,000 Celtic fans were shouting, the sound echoed and traveled around the stadium. I had goose bumps like most other fans. At that moment, Mazurka stepped up to take the free-kick, his left foot connected sweetly with the ball, It curved from left to eight and passed the wall.

Van Deer Sara the Manchester united goal-keeper scrambled though; the ball passed him and hit the back of the net. We screamed with Joy, we were actually winning against possibly the best team of the world at that point. It was the 95th minute. The referee had added a ridiculous amount of stoppage time and I had a bad feeling about it. Christian Ronald got the ball and darted down the wing and cut into the box. Unmans, The Celtic centre back, tripped up Ronald and the referee pointed to the spot. The crowed were stunned.

No-one could believe what had happened. Anxiously, we remained quiet, as Shah stood purposefully over the ball on the penalty spot. He slowly took a few steps back. I knew something bad would’ve happened. This was it, if Luis Shah scored this penalty we would be out of the Champions League. We waited. He stepped up. My heart thudded. He struck the ball to the bottom left corner of the goal: Arturo Boric launched his body towards the ball. He tipped it onto the post with his right hand. It went out and the whistle went. Celtic was through to the last sixteen.


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