The first fashion show I was doing Essay

e hoped he would have the strength to do what was right…but did he want to do what was right? Or was he just seeking his own happiness in it somewhere? I never knew and probably never will.

It was the first fashion show I was doing. This was when I first met him. I noticed him standing at the other end of the room he was wearing quarter length combats, sneakers and an unusual top which did not go with either combats or sneakers it was rather odd he always use to dress like that and perhaps he still does. I can’t exactly say that the first time I met him it was “magical” because it wasn’t. We had completely different views about each other; it’s bizarre how we judge people just by their outer shell.

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We ultimately became friends and that friendship developed and grew so swiftly that I didn’t realise I was falling in love with him, by the time I realised it, it was too late. Some part of me wasn’t ready to expect it. Neither of us were ready for a relationship just yet; it was because the experience form the past relationship was still lurking over us. This wasn’t pleasant to feel, but when I was with him it made me forget about everything and everybody, like there was nothing for me to worry about, nothing at all.

I didn’t have a particular reason in liking him so much. All I knew he was different very different, he wasn’t ordinary it was like he had come from some another world. He was a person who likes to keep himself to himself forgets his problems and deals with other peoples problems and my favourite obsession about him was that he made everyone laugh. He was like the clown of the class. Life’s not a fairytale so I wouldn’t exactly say that he was tall, dark and handsome. When I walked through the door, I saw him over there, over blue eyes locked in a stare. I didn’t know quiet what to say, sometimes words get in the way. I remember the night he said, “Let’s go for a ride”

I didn’t want the night to end. Yet little did I know before, we would be something more. In black and white I read and all his answers in-between. Then his message on the phone, I save to hear when I’m all alone. Now I know just what to say this doesn’t happen everyday! I know we’re both young but we know what is false, and we know what is real. He truly cared for me, it showed. He understood me and listened to me, I guess we both understood each other perfectly. We always had great conversation about anything and everything, he truly enjoyed my company and I enjoyed his. Everyone else knew we were secretly crushing on each other, expect over selves. All the signs of him liking me were right there in front of me but I was wrong he was just being an incredibly good friend.

Unfortunately for me he didn’t feel the same way as I did or maybe that’s what he wanted me to believe. Maybe he did feel the same way as I did, but didn’t have the spirit to tell me. Why did he keep it away from me? He told me he was leaving FOREVER! He didn’t seem to be disturbed about it instead he was quiet energized, but did he know what I was going through? What I felt like? He did. He knew how I felt about him but why did he never tell me what he felt like? Did he not want to hurt me? Or was he too frightened to face the reality? He went away but these questions still remain unanswered


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