The First Day of High School Essay

Right when I got out of the auto. I had no hint where to travel. I’m accustomed to walking through the in-between school doors and traveling to unify with all my friends after a thrilling summer. but today was different. It was my first twenty-four hours of high school and I was approximately to travel on an escapade. I eventually reached my finish. the first-year courtyard. and I walked into my first period category. I sat down. looked around and thought to myself. “I know perfectly no 1! ” Then the bell rang and my instructor walked in.

First thing that came out of her oral cavity was. “So who has their summer reading assignment? ! and I sat at that place in amazement. In in-between school. on the first twenty-four hours. it’s normally all about regulations. regulations. and more regulations! And how the schoolroom should be. but no! Not in high school. It was more of. “You’re in English awards. let’s get to work and compose an essay! ” Well wasn’t that a surprise. Subsequently throughout the twenty-four hours. I eventually saw some of my friends and felt more comfy that there were people I knew. I was get downing to bask my categories. and I got to cognize my instructors a little more. but now it was fifth period tiffin and Man was I hungry!

When I walked into the lunchroom. I stopped in obfuscation on where to travel ; there were droves of people everyplace I turned. fresher. sophomores. juniors. and even seniors. There was a snack line. sodium carbonate machines. and an copiousness of tabular arraies that filled the cafeteria. You could even sit outside! It was a banging difference from in-between school ; we have so much more freedom. Speaking of freedom. did I advert how dramatic it is in high school compared to middle school? ! In category. we get to work together and have huge sum of free clip ; we can besides take our phones and iPods out more frequently.

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During go throughing we can hold our phones out and can’t get in problem for it! The best portion of all is we can hold any electronic devices out at tiffin and we can travel to two different topographic points. the media and the acquisition lab. It is so much more suited than being locked up in imprisonment all twenty-four hours long. Some people would anticipate high school to be stricter than in-between school and have countless regulations. Actually. it is unsophisticated. less rigorous and more challenging. When I was in in-between school I still felt like a small child. but now that I am in high school I feel like I am turning into a mature grownup.


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