The ethical theory of emotivism Essay

Are ethical motives based on emotion?

For moral statements to be pure emotion is an affectional position of moralss. Emotivists believe that moral determinations or statement should be made based on emotion. A philosopher who believed really strongly in the emotivist theory was G. E Moore. Moore provinces that when people use the term ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ they are saying at that place feelings towards the action issued. However since different individuals have different feelings. The decision of moral determination can non be either ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ but both.

If moral statements were based strictly on emotion. and emotions are hidden in them. Then ethical motives can alter on a day-to-day footing. and are as easy to do as taking what you are traveling to hold for tiffin. E. g. if a adult female wanted to hold an abortion. and her determination was strictly based on her emotion at that clip. It is non a stable determination as her emotions are altering. due to her hormonal alterations. because of the gestation.

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A monolithic floor in the affectional statement is that you can ne’er make a determination on whether something is morally right or incorrect. Therefore making jobs in jurisprudence. and common ethical quandary such as abortion. mercy killing and animate being rights.

The affectional position comes under the umbrella term non-cognitive. Other positions that besides come under the same term. are relativism and subjectivism. Relativism is the position that doing a moral determination it is based on your civilization and scenes. or even upbringing. Subjectivism is the position that when doing a moral determination it is based on feeling. and personal gustatory sensation which once more can change dramatically.

The chief unfavorable judgments of all the non-cognitive positions is that we can do moral determination without any emotion at all E. g. a justice can condemn a adult male to the decease punishment in some American provinces. Thus they are doing this moral determination strictly on the jurisprudence and the fact that it is his/her occupation.

So the deductions to moralss if all our determinations were made based on emotion or non-cognitive positions. would be that peoples positions and moral determinations would alter. based on what they felt that twenty-four hours. And emotions can alter a batch over a short periods of clip. So that would connote that ethical motives would hold to alter and most peoples don’t. They have a set of basic ethical motives which they keep to. So I don’t experience that moral determinations are based on emotion or have hidden emotion because the facts tell me otherwise.


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