The Effect of Production and Supply of Electricity on environment, Health and Society Essay

The production of electricity is the process of converting energy stored in fuels or drawn from the environment, into electrical energy. It holds numerous complex technologies and diverse ways of producing.

Electricity can be produced in thermal power, coal, wind, hydro and nuclear stations.

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The diagram above shows a typical thermal power station. These electricity generating stations are fuelled by coal, oil, or gas. The electrical energy is then transmitted to centers of consumption over the electricity grid.

Electricity supplies are mainly found underground and power lines. In a pumped storage power station for example, water from the upper reservoir is allowed at peak times to flow down to the lower reservoir, driving generators and supplementing the electrical supply. When there is low demand, extra power is used to pump water back up to the upper reservoir in readiness for another period of heavy demand.

The reasons why electricity is universally employed as a means of energy transfer and use are that: It can be efficiently transported from generators to the point of use in the consumer’s location through a “simple-to-install” network of wires. It can also be converted at high effectiveness into heat, mechanical, and chemical energy. Electricity powers electronic devices. It provides light. It is instantly controllable at the point of use-it takes only a flick of a switch to turn an electrical device on or off.

Electricity has vital uses and it is an extreme, essential source for human beings. It is the lifeblood of all industrialized societies, central to the maintenance of their standards of living, and it is essential to developing countries if they are to escape from poverty. Therefore there are several advantageous and harmful effects of production and supply of electricity on environment, health and society.

A few of the society and environmental problems of electricity productions are that in the long term, all fossil and nuclear fuels have a limited availability. Predictions range from 40 to 60 years for gas and oil to 200 years for coal at the current rate of consumption. A more pressing problem at present is that the burning of coal, oil, and gas is producing a number of side-effects that are harmful to the environment. The accumulation of carbon dioxide, the most important greenhouse gas, over the last few decades is believed to be responsible for increasing the Earth’s surface temperature. The majority of scientists specializing in this area believe that if we continue on our present path severe climatic changes may occur in a few decades.

Production of electricity can benefit us with jobs. It takes hundredths to build a power station, and to keep the power stations running they would also need several hundredths. Especially in L.E.D.C. (less economically developed countries), where it is harder to find jobs. power station have, or may have many jobs available like bars, restaurants, leisure spaces, recreation facilities and others. Having an electricity power station will also increase the number of private industries. However this may create an immense dilemma as other industries within the country will lower the income of money. So many workers will have low to no salary.

On the other hand, depending on where it is built there will be many criticisms and complaints, or disagreements, for instance: if the future power station is to be built close by a settlement or by a city, then inhabitants will most probably protest against the noise and space the electricity power station will cause.

If the station is to be built on the country side, then some inhabitants like farmers or land owners will oppose to the idea because they will certainly not want electric wires going across their farm, land or house. These people will also disagree making the electrical wires going under their property because it will cause too much trouble, having in mind that you will have to dig underground and make a mess on your terrain. Noise and space will also come into their reasons of opposing.

Governments will also outlook the idea of a new electricity power station in their country.

The government may and may not consent. They may coincide with the idea because the government wants more means of attaining or income of money. Yet they may conflict for the reason that they do not want to harm people’s health, increase or spread, or even start pollution in their country.

In my point of view, I think we should into more research into solar power because in this way it can cut the amount of pollution being made as well as hazards and conflicts.

Using the method of solar power will help the countries in future, having a better climate etc… though this method will cause many people to be jobless and in future may cause poverty, deaths and others. So scientists must research ways of producing, or having electricity, without causing reimbursement and other difficult consequences.


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