The Effect of Media on Our Society – the Truman Show Sample Essay

A 1998 satirical movie that talks about a male child named Truman that grew up in a whole “utopian” universe called Seahaven. which is all controlled by the manager and “Father” of Truman. Christoff. Truman’s life has been filmed and broadcasted to the universe as “The Truman Show” since he was born and runs 24/7. It’s a popular world Television show before the clip world Television shows were even introduced into our society. In a manner. Truman is perfectly being used as a merchandise of a show and has small say about it. this is besides similar in the world Television shows we have on air today. The movie is besides a Centre of selling. strategically puting merchandise arrangement throughout the show which is a media influence to do you want to buy more points.

If you were born in a fancied universe and grew up at that place. you wouldn’t oppugn its being or world until much subsequently. that is the same with Truman. The media is his life and universe. it influences every portion of his life. from the people he interacts with and the occupation he has. A scene where this is depicted good is when Truman starts desiring to acquire out of Seahaven. but a series of semisynthetic obstructions and prefiguration is put to maintain Truman indoors. Stuff like postings of lightning striking aeroplanes ( so Truman doesn’t want to wing out ) . the planned incident of Truman’s pa drowning ( so Truman grows a fright of the H2O and yachting ) . and particularly near the terminal where the beginning of the media. Christoff urgently tries to halt Truman by directing a bombardment of rain and air current at him. Though Truman doesn’t ab initio notice how the media influence him. but by the terminal of the narrative. he evidently knew that the universe created for him was all scripted and controlled.

In our media-influenced society. we frequently get used to all the commercials and advertizements strewn across newspapers. telecasting. and the Internet that we are even subconsciously affected by them. The best illustration for this is Kony 2012. Simply put. utilizing slick production and the world-wide connexion of societal media. the thought spread throughout the universe in a affair of hours. Millions of people ( largely eager adolescents ) jumped on the “Stop Kony Bandwagon” . one of them was me.

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Me being still as immature and uninformed as I was. I had ne’er heard of Kony. As with how Invisible Children ( organisation that produced the movie ) portrayed Kony as the “the large bad villain” . I knew that he had to be stopped every bit shortly as possible. I can non state stress this adequate. 1000000s of people joined this motion without any anterior cognition to this adult male. Immediately. the following twenty-four hours I showed my societal surveies teacher ( Ms. Monaghan ) about the picture and my other friend and I who had watched the picture last dark proposed we do something about it in within school. She. my instructor was turned off by how the movie was portrayed utilizing the clever trap of utilizing an guiltless child and inquiring him what they should make about Kony. He replied with an obvious: “Stop him. ” However. my friend and I planned to make something like show the school the picture.

24 hours subsequently. this first clip broad scale media phenomenon exploded in the universe. Hundreds of Youtube picture responses were made. many more messages were passed through stating one another in individual. or through Facebook messages. Twitter was filled with the tweet: # StopKony2012. etcetera. Truly. our society now has evolved into a media-centric universe. where one message can be sent outright to person populating on the other side of the universe. when 20 old ages ago. that would hold non been imaginable.

Subsequently on I found out that the Invisible Children movie manufacturer ran around bare across the metropolis and got arrested. Besides that the organisation merely sends 31 % of their financess towards direct aid. I felt stupid afterwards for leaping on the bandwagon so rapidly without researching about the group ( Another manner how media affects us ) .

Anyhow. the subject of how media influences us could take up over a 100 pages. with many differing sentiments. But let’s merely say that The Truman Show gave an interesting and realistic glance into the hereafter of the media. possibly even created many of the world Television shows we have today.

Seahaven can be described as the perfect topographic point in the universe. a Eden. orderly and friendly. Though. it is all merely a phase for a popular world Television show that centres on Truman’s life. Honestly. in my sentiment I think it’s sick. Using an guiltless babe who knew nil and doing money off him. I truly hope nil like this in existent life was to go on ( though similar things like this do go on ) . I must travel on a small tangent here. and speak about the subject of money. Honestly. we would be better off without the restraints of money. returning back to much simpler lives like in “The Supreme beings Must be Crazy. ” I envy those people. non holding to worry about the opinions of modern society. non worrying about racism. or war. They are free of many things. particularly non worrying about happening a occupation with tonss of money.

More and more. our society is focused on the thing called money. The higher-classed people are avaricious ( though non all ) . and the poorer categories are left with less power. Why? I think it’s stupe. That’s why we had the “Occupy” protests a piece ago. though it was non excessively impactful. Anyway. the subject of money is besides much layered. and depends on many different positions. Basically. The Truman Show and Seahaven demo how people will make about anything for money. even utilizing an guiltless child as a merchandise.

Hmm… The American Dream. I am a Canadian. but let’s see what I think it is. The American Dream is holding a perfect life. a perfect vicinity. being affluent. holding nice childs. and overall life in a “utopian” universe. On the surface. Seahaven is “The American Dream” . but truly there’s no such thing. To me. it’s merely a tendency that people want to hold. to get away the field world of our society today. Our society is nowhere close perfect and can non be. so why attempt to coerce it to be: “The American Dream” ?

The shapers of the world Television plan are seeking to pass on that Truman is populating the American Dream. That they should purchase what he buys. and utilize what he uses. fundamentally a selling cozenage. On top of that. Truman is used a signifier of amusement. being viewed from screens at place. non even cognizing he is being filmed. ( Similar to the Hunger Games. where the citizens watch childs fight to the decease for amusement and command on who wins ) . It’s ill and unjust. What gives them the right to movie Truman and why don’t any of the viewing audiences do something about it? Alternatively of merely sitting at that place watching the show 24/7. don’t any of them experience bad that he’s trapped there? Or do they merely think he’s besides merely an histrion and the show isn’t really existent? This leads me into my following point.

In our society today. we frequently see reality Television shows such as: American Idol. or Britain’s Got Talent. I want to concentrate a spot on Britain’s Got Talent. It is of class a show where you can try out and the Judgess can pick you to travel on to the following unit of ammunitions and finally win a expansive award. Now of one the Judgess in peculiar. Simon Cowell ( you may or may non cognize him ) . he’s reasonably objectionable and says what’s on his head. That means abashing some contestants on existent life telecasting. Now. we the viewing audiences at place might even by express joying and we forget that they are existent people being filmed ; it’s non merely a show for our amusement.

Next the general influence of media on us is that we frequently can follow and see the lives of famous persons. The thing with being celebrated is that paparazzi are invariably following you. and you have small to no privateness left against the whole universe. Do one disgraceful thing incorrect ( like acquiring pregnant or rip offing on person ) . and so whole universe will cognize. It sort of suctions. which is why I don’t of all time want to go excessively celebrated. Often. the media will besides writhe narratives into what they want merely to do it more interesting. and in bend make more money for selling that article ( Again. the subject of money and why it’s aching our society ) . If you imagined your life as one of the famous persons. you would cognize what I mean when I say that media is both their load and way to fame. An interesting narrative is all the imperativeness wants and they will make anything to acquire it ( like in the Truman Show ) . it shows how corrupted our society is getting…

Anyhow. on a lighter note. we shall speak about Christoff. the manager. Depicted as a “loving Father” of Truman when he was watching him sleep and inquiring what was altering in Truman. Christoff is an interesting character. I think he views himself as a God ( The symbolic name of ‘Christ’off ) . and that he has arrant control of his universe. That’s why he accepts the call from Lauren and explains that Truman prefers the confines of the “cell” that is “Seahaven” . His character and attitude do alter a spot throughout the narrative. though finally his lone function is being the “Director” and doing the show work.

Near the terminal of the narrative. Christoff is outraged that Truman is seeking to withstand him and sends him a barbarous storm to contend off. Surprisingly. Truman did non decease. and fought onwards. Christoff knew he couldn’t kill off Truman ( because the viewing audiences would be appalled and perchance that Christoff ‘loved’ and cared about Truman ) . The audience was shocked that Christoff even tried to kill Truman. In a concluding effort. Christoff is speaking to Truman through the clouds. stating him he loved him and that he shouldn’t leave ( Basically feigning he’s a God ) . Truman ( acted by Jim Carrey ) . kept the movie amusing by stoping with: “In instance I don’t see you subsequently. good afternoon. good eventide. and good dark. ” With a theatric bow. he exited through the door. and left his old life behind

Therefore stoping the movie.

In existent life. managers and imperativeness authors do twist things into their liking. such as Christoff pull stringsing Truman to seek to maintain him in Seahaven.

My decision is that media affects us a great trade. from commercials. to advertizements. to the Internet and societal media. After larning to analyse advertisement. I’ve begun to detect how much media influences our determinations. Specific commercials that air at different times to acquire more opportunity to sell ( Dessert commercials after suppertime. informercials early in the forenoon and tardily at dark. etc ) . how a craze on societal media can take many people to make stupid things ( Ex. _____ Challenges. like the Cinnamon challenge. the Salt & A ; Ice Cube challenge ) . it’s gross outing pathetic why anyone would make stuff like that. Eating a spoonful of cinnamon with no H2O. do you desire to decease? Now the people who’ve done it said they merely did it for “fun” . or because it’s “cool” . or people peer pressured me into making it. Agh… . Society is acquiring less intelligent about their picks.

Anyhow. that’s non the point. Media influences us like it does in the Truman Show. we frequently buy merchandises we see in Television shows. or merchandises that are endorsed by a celebrated individual. The Truman Show is a really accurate satirical movie about how our universe runs today. Most people are merely acquiring brainwashed by the media. making what other people do ( This leads me to speak about my “Herd Behavior” theory. )

Worlds. as an person are extremely intelligent. being able to last and make engineerings to govern the universe. Humans. as a group are reasonably much rendered cardinal and will follow the actions of others ( Such as one individual panicking. taking others to panic excessively. or possibly like childs seeing confect and everyone rushing in for it without another idea ) . I call this “herd behavior” because it is the same in the natural state. animate beings in battalions will normally follow the actions of the leader. Anyway. some people are like this today. leaping on the bandwagon and making what other people do. Buying nice autos non because they need it. holding plastic surgery to hold themselves look like a famous person organic structure. being accused because you’re something different. That is the chief premiss of our society today. It’s candidly sad.

Anyhow. this shall be the concluding paragraph ; there have been tonss of small treatments that relate to The Truman show and what I’ve learned throughout the twelvemonth. Stuff like The Gods Must be Crazy. The Giver. Ad. The Veldt. etc. All those things have broadened my skylines about our society and the hereafter of it. So thanks for seting those things in our course of study to larn. it has benefitted me greatly. This movie was highly effectual in my sentiment. acquiring me to believe exhaustively about how media affects our universe. Plus it was still an entertaining movie significance it would lodge in our heads.

My gosh. over 2000 words. I’m certain this doesn’t measure up as a “short” essay. but I hoped you enjoyed reading about what ideas I have in my head about media. society. money. etc. They are all really complicated subjects but still interesting to detect. Our universe in altering. shortly the old coevals will be lost in the invariably fluxing watercourse of clip. and the new coevals of thoughts and constructs will originate. I am in the center of it ; possibly we can alter the universe for the better. I shall see if materials like The Veldt. and The Truman Show go on in the following century. It’s dry how material merely dreamed about in the past are coming true ( Robots. ground-effect machines. computing machines. so many things… ) Sadly. the last and lone essay of this twelvemonth draws to an terminal. thanks for reading. Tune in following clip.


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